What I Can Do For You


I love to help small businesses & personal brands overcome their confidence blocks, empower you to own your digital presence & scale with an epic digital marketing strategy.

We can work together in a variety of different ways: from 1:1 Coaching, Bespoke Management Packages, Consultancy & Group Programmes.

What I teach covers ALL areas of Digital Marketing Рnot just social media. From your website, to your email marketing right down to the products & services you are offering. 

1:1 Coaching


Do you need accountability and insight from someone who understands social media inside out?

Are you ready to level up your business but you need some extra support to make it happen?

Within my coaching sessions we will design a strategy that works for your brand and ensures you stay on track towards your goals.

I will hold space for you and your business and be on hand to offer my perspective and expertise, where I can, to support you.

Learn more about 1:1 Coaching here.


Group Programmes


I offer a selection of group programmes so that what I teach is easily accessible & available at your own pace. I understand everyone grows & learns in their own way. From live workshops, to video training & a variety of reading materials, find the program right for you:

The Digital Manifesto6 Week Course

The Social ClinicComing Soon

It’s The Reel DealComing Soon

Learn more here.


Social Media Management


Do you need  support with managing your social media accounts?

Do you have a mailing list but not sending a regular newsletter?

What about content creation – is this something you need help with?

Learn more about my Management packages here or email [email protected]


Bespoke Services


Whether you require graphic design or website building services or brand consultancy I would love to help.

I offer a long list of digital marketing services & can tailor a monthly retainer to suit the exact needs for you and your business.


Check out the full list of Services here.

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Would you like to learn more about what I do & how I can fully support you and your business?

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