Money or Time? Which is more important?

if you had to choose more of time or money what would it be

If you had to choose right now, to have more money or more time, which one would you choose? Be honest.

I got to thinking about this, late at night when the mind is supposed to be slowing down, and for a split second I chose money.

Who wouldn’t want a large sum of money freely deposited into their bank account right now? I cannot imagine one person saying no to that. And what would having more money mean? It could mean SO many different things, depending on how you chose to spend or invest this magically manifested money. What would it mean for you?

Some would agree that more money could buy you more freedom.

But isn’t freedom the same as more time?

For those of you who chose money, let’s go one step further.

Imagine you were given £86,400. No expectations, no returns – it’s all yours.

What would you do with that money? I wonder how many of you know exactly how to spend each penny, to really make the most of all of that money. Would you invest it wisely? Would you spend it all on material things? Or would you use it to make everlasting memories? Would you spend it all at once or pace yourself?

When you chose money, was it the money you really wanted, or was it something else? Something else, like happiness perhaps?

We all want to be happy. I certainly do.

I spent so many of my years using the phrase… “I’ll be happy when I have more money in my account…” or simply…”I’ll be happy when….”

It’s quite sad really to think that so many of us go through life placing our happiness on external factors – external things that we have no control of. When the one thing we can always control is our internal state, our internal happiness. We can literally, in a heartbeat, CHOOSE happiness.

So again, back to those of you who chose money. If by this you were really choosing happiness, then I want to remind you today that at any given moment you CAN DECIDE TO BE HAPPY NOW. In the present moment. Sure, some days this might be harder than others – depending on your circumstances – but as long as your heart is beating and you have breathe in your lungs, you have reason to be happy. To be grateful.

Therefore, now you have been reminded that you can access happiness at any chosen TIME, would you still have chosen money?

I’m going to ask you again. How would you spend £86,400 ?

time is non-refundable. use it with intention


I want to switch the currency from British pounds to TIME.

There is only ever going to be 86,400 seconds in a day.

That is 1440 minutes.

24 hours. 

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. No amount of money can ever buy you more time as thats physically impossible.

Now that we know time is the most important currency and not actually money.

How are you spending your time each day? If you spend your time wisely then you can create more money, and that happiness you keep externally seeking. 

Time is non-refundable.

Use it with intention.

Use it wisely.



Zoe Newlove

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