Five Things That Have Made Me Smile This Summer…

I cannot believe it is almost the end of August, the nights are already beginning to draw darker before 8.30pm. Summer is definitely rolling to an end.

I’ve had a very different Summer than usual, the last three years I have lived in Ibiza. Manchester is my new home and it has certainly rained a lot more than I had hoped,  but to no surprise. I still do not own an umbrella, and more flip flops than actual decent footwear, something I am working on.

Today, I wanted to write a post rounding up my Summer, focusing on what has made it different. As I made some notes, I came to the delightful realisation that I have been at my happiest in a while. What an incredible difference one Summer can make? So, yes, my Summer has indeed been very different to the usual Ibiza antics, but it has been most wonderful. I spent most of last season in floods of weekly tears, so to then only count a handful of times where tears have been shed this Summer – I can see how far I’ve come. Shows how much I have been through when I measure my happiness against the amount of sadness I have experienced. Onwards and upwards.

Right now, I am so content. I hope you do not mind me sharing my five favourite moments of Summer with you…

carrie elizabeth jewellery labradite pendant necklace

Leaning Into My Spiritual Side

This first one, really isn’t a moment as such, but an ongoing collection of happy moments & realisations!

I’d describe myself as a fairly spiritual human, but this Summer I’ve really leaned into this side of me. Becoming, on & with purpose, a new woman. Focusing on loving myself and overcoming insecurities, relaxing into being truly happy with who I am, and who I am transforming into. This has been my upmost priority. The phrase “Self love” is so wildly used and thrown around, but this is exactly what I needed. For a long time I have had demons to face up to, and I threw myself into tackling this during the last four months.

Healing from heartbreak, dealing with grief and other buried issues, all of which are well on their way to no longer having any control over my life. Goodbye Anxiety. I’ve always been drawn to alternative therapies and my spiritual side led me to working with crystals, angel cards, reiki healing and moonology. This may seem too hippy and out there for some of my readers, but I hope you stick with me. It honestly has helped me, in such a way I am still not able to express it fully in words. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted.

Turning 30 this Summer, I have turned a literal life corner, and I am so happy with who I am, what I want and where I am going.

I was very kindly gifted a piece of Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery only a few weeks ago, and I had to include this in today’s post simply due to the meaning this necklace has for me. I love Carrie Elizabeth and want so many of her pieces, but I chose this particular necklace photographed above due to the properties of the crystal:

Known as the stone of transformation, Labradorite will cleanse your aura and help you to remove any bad habits, negative thoughts and feelings that are preventing you from reaching for the stars and achieving your full potential!

Labradorite protects against negativity, it is great for self discovery and tapping into your own intuition – perfect for the spiritual journey I am taking right now. I have a lovely little collection of crystals that sit on my window sill, but this necklace is my favourite and I have not taken it off since receiving it.

carrie elizabeth jewellery labradorite pendant necklace

I Am A Wild Woman Self Help Subscription Box

Donna, the owner of this awesome monthly subscription box contacted me and asked if I would like to trial her Wild Woman monthly subscription. The UK’s very first non fiction and self help monthly subscription box for women. I of course jumped at the chance to do so. Being an avid reader, and a huge hugeeee obsessive reader of self help books, I knew I would love this box. I genuinely get so excited to receive my box of goodies.

This month the theme was Empowerment! Within each box you get a bundle of treats and a brand new book. The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates is a book I cannot wait to get my teeth into. I will do a full review when I have read it, but I just had to include how reading has made me so happy this Summer. Each and every month I read roughly 3 books. 2 self help books and one fiction, just to keep my imagination going. I am actually writing my very own self help book too – another focus of mine this Summer. Totally digressing, but I just wanted to share how happy this package has made me every month. Read more about this subscription here. (I had no obligation to write a post or share, Donna has been so lovely, I just wanted to include this in a blog post).


Five Weeks in Ibiza

I dipped my toes into the Ibiza season, but only for 5 weeks. It was so nice to go there for a short time, but also know I was coming back home. I had a few weddings and makeup jobs lined up. I have always been so grateful for the makeup work that I receive over on the white isle. It was full on as usual, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Ibiza. I partied a few times, had lazy beach days, ate all the veggie paella and drank copious amounts of Sangria. It was absolute bliss. I have missed Ibiza, but I can go whenever I please, who knows, there might still be another trip in me yet, before the season is over.


Spending Time in Nature

Going down to Wasing Woods for the first Rise and Shine Retreat was an incredible weekend and a time I will always cherish. I spent the whole weekend with my beautiful friends Gina and Anth. We ate lots of incredible vegan food, drank cacao smoothies, enjoyed yoga and meditation, swam in a magical lake and planted treeees, all before dancing the night away without a drop of alcohol. It was so awesome, I loved every minute. I even learned how to do a nature wee. That is right folks, never before had I weeeed outside – or properly camped. Clearly led a very sheltered life so it seems – as everyone thought it was hilarious that I saw it as such a novelty. There is another retreat this bank holiday weekend. Definitely one to throw in your diary if you do not have plans.

I’ve also been on lots of hikes and spent so much more time outdoors here this Summer. The Yorkshire Dales are beautiful, a wonderful reminder why living in England is such a blessing, one we often forget.  My best friend Ben, who I love dearly, took me on a little adventure to Otley, where we hiked and camped for a few days. It was so much fun and has given me the “outdoors bug”. I want my very own camper van now so I can go off exploring and seeing so much more of my own country. Thanks B, you legend.



Fitness / Gym Shark Event

I went to my very first Gym Shark Event over at Manchester Victoria Warehouse with my friend Sarah. It was so inspirational and we loved listening to everyone’s fitness journey stories on the panel. I also got to spy on eye candy Steve Cook and Shaun Stafford. Sarah and I, splurged on some new Gym Shark gear – and I wish I had bought more. It is so comfy and flattering – unlike most gym wear I buy.

My fitness routine has become such a staple for not only my physical health, but my mental health too. What was a few squats here and there, has now turned into 3-4 strength training classes. I also try to run twice a week. More recently I started training at an indoor climbing centre too. Ben showed me Bouldering and I am love it. I genuinely now look forward to exercising. These are words I never thought I’d write, as I have never held exercise with such importance before. Feeling stronger and having more focus has definitely added to my new found happiness, and this all comes down to regularly working out.

I use the Fiit app a lot and highly recommend the in-app training programmes. I love doing Cat Meffan Yoga and Richie Norton’s classes. SO GOOD.

So that is my Summer in a nutshell really. Training hard mentally and physically, focusing on gratitude and self love. This Summer has been all about me, my journey and my happiness. It’s been bloody brilliant. Roll on the rest of 2019. I’m here for you.