My Go To Summer Makeup Look

This post is an advertised collaboration with Boots but all thoughts are my own. Gifted products are throughout this blog post from Boots and bareMinerals.

Summertime make-up is my all time favourite, give me bronzed glowy skin, natural everything else and I am a happy girl. The last thing you want to be doing when the sun is shining, is spending time layering on lots of make-up, when you could be outside lapping up all the goodness of Vitamin D.

There are endless beauty trends for 2019 from graphic glitter makeup, to neon mascara, but my favourite is the barely there revealing freckle foundation. Boots have asked me to share my favourite Summer makeup products with you, so of course, I have selected my go to products to create that perfect glowing holiday skin.

Before applying any make-up I always ensure that my skin is freshly cleansed and moisturised. My natural tan from Ibiza is sadly fading, and fading fast, which is why I love to use the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops*. You can add these to your favourite face and body moisturiser, mix it together and then apply to your skin. I had been dying to try these drops forever, as they are vegan friendly, cruelty free & organic – I much prefer the idea of using these instead of a traditional self tanning product. The drops have given me such a natural looking tan, I love love love this product. (P.S If you head to the Boots website these are currently on offer).

Creating the right texture and look for your skin is essential for this Summer make-up look.

You cannot go wrong if you begin with using the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer*. Designed to be used either alone, under makeup or as a highlighter, I ┬áhave used it as a base to build upon. This product is awesome, it gives you an instant glow, and just like one of those Instagram filters – it smooths any fine lines & gives your skin radiance. It just glides right onto your skin and blurs out all of my pores. I very easily wear this without anything else, but should you wish for more coverage it really is a great primer.

Now, the next step includes my all time favourite make-up base.

Now I am not just saying this, but I have genuinely used bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel for years. I have gone through countless tubes of this, so when they sent me a top up along with their brand new Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation stick*, I was delighted. Summer beauty is all about allowing your real skin to show through, and with both of these products you get just the right amount of coverage. All redness and imperfections are toned down, your complexion magically enhanced and without the need to mask your skin. I applied the tinted hydrating gel cream all over, and just used the foundation stick over areas such as my chin and forehead, where a little bit more coverage was needed. What I love about the new foundation stick is that you can just throw this in your hand bag and you are good to go. I remember when Benefit Cosmetics discontinued their foundation stick (a much heavier version than this) and I was so upset, as I used it all the time. Now I have found one even better, as this isn’t as heavy and looks so natural. Most importantly, they both contain an SPF! You must always remember to use an SPF in your routine – protect your skin!


A Summer make-up look would not be complete without a bronzer! I chose to use the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder* as it just looks great on so many skin tones and is not at all expensive. The powder is ultra fine and applies to the skin really easily. It does not get patchy or clog up with your base. It’s a product that has been around for years and you cannot go wrong with something like this. It is hard to find a bronzer that doesn’t make you look orange when you build it up. This one is really natural even after a couple of layers. Sweep this bronzer around your temple, cheek bones and jaw line. I also used it as an eyeshadow – just in the socket crease.

Pop on a lip balm and your favourite mascara and you are good to go! This Summer look is so low maintenance, and super simple. It will take you no time at all to apply. You can wear this look down to the beach or even on a night out. I am not one to wear a full face of make-up. I rarely bother putting mascara on, so you could even pare this look right down primer and bronzer.

One last final step, is a spritz or three of your favourite Summer fragrance. I feel naked without perfume. Mine currently is the gorgeous Gucci Bamboo Parfum.* It is so light and fresh, it smells incredible. Normally I wear quite heavy, powerful fragrances such as Tom Ford Black Orchid. Thanks to Boots I have switched to something entirely new, perfect for Summer, and I love it.


What’s your favourite Summer Beauty Trend? Have you picked up any make-up from Boots ready for festival season?? Share your looks using the hashtag #BootsBeauty