Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara.

Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara zoe newlove

I use Benefit Cosmetics every single day. They are my faves.From Gimme Brow, to Hoola Bronzer to the Roller Lash mascara, the list goes on. So of course I am going to get excited when I see through the eyes of social media they have launched a BRAND NEW BAD GAL BANG mascara. Living in Ibiza, most of my PR products get sent to my UK address and a lot of the time, because of this, I feel like I miss out on the fun of new products launching and getting involved in all the hype around it. So when I discovered I had actually been sent this brand new mascara, my friend immediately, very kindly, posted it out to Ibiza the day it arrived in the post. Genuinely, I have so much love for Benefit, I could not wait to get my hands on this. So thank you Benefit.

ENOUGH ABOUT ME. What’s so good about this new mascara and how is it better than my staple Roller Lash?

Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara zoe newloveBenefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara zoe newlove

Why I love Bad Gal Bang Mascara….

I think the first thing we need to discuss is that it lasts for 36 hours. Okay. I know a LOT of ladies who will love the idea of this, because they live and breathe for mascara, and also for sleeping with it on. I on the other hand, always take every scrap of makeup off my face before bed, so this 36 hour thing doesn’t really appeal to me. What does appeal to me is that it is so obviously super long lasting, now THAT I can get excited about.

Next, let’s talk about the brush. I LOVE IT. It is super slim and perfect for getting those lower lashes. On application it doesn’t clump and is super black. It really does lift and lengthen the lashes, and unlike Roller lash (which is great for definition) it defines but gives volume to each individual lash. You can really see the difference when I wear no mascara to when I tried this one out in the photos below. I did not use an eye lash curler so that you could see the natural lift and lengthening from just the mascara alone. I think you can agree it is pretty impressive.

If you love Roller Lash then I really do think you will fall in love with this one too. It’s funny actually, thinking about it, as the very first product I tried from Benefit was the original Bad Gal mascara and I absolutely (and still do) hated it. So much so I didn’t want to try anything else from the brand again. Fast forward a few years and I eventually started to trust the brand thanks to the brow products and bronzer. Who would have thought that I would end up loving not one, but two of their mascaras?

Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara zoe newlove Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal BANG Mascara zoe newlove

Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think.