Double The Lip, Double The Love.

Benefit Cosmetics, I think have to be my favourite beauty brand. When I first started this blog, I actually wrote somewhere I could not stand their products, having not been impressed by a mascara and a tinted moisturiser. I point blank refused to try anything else, and being a SpaceNK snob turned my nose up at them. Until of course, I tried their Brow Kit, that was a game changer and so, slowly, but surely, I picked up Hoola, followed by High Beam and the list goes on and on. I have since had the honour of working back stage for the brand at London Fashion Week and got to know the amazing Lisa Potter Dixon and the rest of her wonderful team. I now use near enough everything from this brand in my make-up kit, from their foundations and concealers down to their eyeshadows and of course, the mascaras. I was addicted to the They’re Real mascara, and then the liners that followed, and the primer after that, so it was no surprise that I would fall in love what was to come next: Double The Lip.

I was totally giddy when I realised I was opening up a Benefit package, like, these guys seriously know how to do blogger mail. I was absolutely gobsmacked to see I had received the full collection, and even though I wanted to swatch away immediately, I resisted the urge to play and waited until I could take some snaps. The shades that caught my eyes were Flame Game, Revved up Red and Nude Scandal. I think I would confidently wear all these shades, even Fuchsia Fever, a bright sassy pink.

I am a lip liner girl, more than a lipstick girl. Lipstick is a second step that only follows when I am feeling ambitious. I love that Benefit are showing off the importance of this first step and tying it purposely into a lipstick. The love the tear drop shape and it is so great for nailing your a perfect pout. The formula is semi matte, always my preference and the longevity, well, that’s okay. The pigment is true to form, and applies really well without sticking. The price for this is £16.50 which actually is really reasonable, considering a MAC lipstick is something like £15-£16 and you are getting a two in one formula here. The shades will suit every skin tone, and I predict as with any collection the nude and the coral will  be the most popular. What shade would you choose?

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