How Many Chemicals Do We Put On Our Skin?

How Many Chemicals Do We Put On Our Skin?  Zoe Newlove Musings

Something a little different today folks, some food for thought. Bare with me. 
I say it time and time again, but the beauty products I try to use on a regular basis,  are mainly natural and/or organic certified. Why? This way I am limiting the number of dangerous chemicals my skin can absorb. The big C word is thrown around like the simple flu these days, and I will do everything I  realistically can to keep my body healthy. So avoiding nasty chemicals is high up on my to do list – have you ever turned your products over and read the ingredient list? Without going into too much detail as to which chemicals are bad and which ones are regarded as safe – I don’t want to open  up that can of worms just yet folks – I thought I would write down a list of all the products I use daily, just to try and be more aware of what I am actually opening my body up to. 

How Many Chemicals Do We Put On Our Skin?  Zoe Newlove MusingsHow Many Chemicals Do We Put On Our Skin?  Zoe Newlove Musings
How Many Chemicals Do We Put On Our Skin?  Zoe Newlove Musings
Morning / Evening Routine
1. Cleanser
2. Shower Gel
3. Exfoliator
4. Toothpaste
5. Mouth Wash
6. Deodorant
7. Toner
8. Serum
9. Moisturiser
10. Body Moisturiser
Make-up Routine
11. Primer
12. Foundation
13. Concealer
14. Powder
15. Bronzer
16. Blusher
17. Mascara
18. Eyeshadow
19. Eye liner
20. Lip liner
21. Lipstick
The Extras
22. Dry Shampoo
23. Perfume
24. Hand Wash
25. Hand Lotion

So on a daily basis that is 25 different products alone. With say an average of 20 different chemicals in each product – pretending that none of my products are natural or organic – then that is a staggering 500 chemicals I am willingly putting onto my skin.  I am not even going to take into consideration the chemicals that surround us in our daily environments. This is just from a beauty routine. 
I like to think I am a pretty healthy human. I am a vegetarian. I limit my intake of dairy and hope some day I could give it up entirely so that I have a more plant based, vegan diet. I exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. I don’t own a car, so I walk and cycle everywhere – my carbon footprint is pretty small. Yet, here I am, with my 500 chemicals, smothering myself daily. 
I am a beauty lover. I love beauty products. Hey, I would be a pretty bad beauty blogger otherwise. But sometimes, I do wonder if I could treat my skin a little kinder? It is pretty scary when you think about it in this way, don’t you agree?
Over the next few weeks I am going to try alternative natural remedies from deodorant to toothpaste and let you know how I get on. We only get one skin, and I want to love the one I am in. 

How many chemicals do you put on your skin on a daily basis?

What are your thoughts on this?