Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads | The Review

Beauty blogger reviews Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads
So I unscrew the lid, put my hand inside, and nothing… 
I had ran out of my favourite Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads, and a surge of panic came over me. I have been using these pads for the last two months, near enough every single day and they have become as much a part of my skincare routine as my eye creams and serums. 
Each tub contains 50 pads so these should last you just under two months if you use them religiously once a day. 
Honestly, I never expected to get addicted to these cleansing pads. I had had them since before Christmas, sat in my “To Trial” box. I then watched a video on the importance of using acids in your skincare routine, and that was when these fell into play. 
My skin is very dehydrated but also annoyingly prone to break outs, pesky little random blemishes pop up all over my face, so that I could play dot to dot if I so chose. These pads contain my favourite ingredient of all time, salicylic acid, which happily munches away on the bad bacteria, preventing spots from appearing. Helping to clarify and tighten the skin, these pads make pores seemingly shrink in size and over all the texture of my skin has improved. I would use one pad in a sweeping motion all over my face, avoiding the eye area, after I had cleansed. I would never use these to remove my make-up but more as an exfoliating toner step in the routine. My skin would tingle ever so slightly and feel so refreshed. 
I cannot believe I no longer have any, and even though they are £38, not cheap my friends, my skincare routine feels pretty empty without them. I need these back on my shelf immediately *Heads on over to the Rodial store* 

What part of your skincare routine can you not live without? 


  • Heather Mcknight

    These sound great! My skin is very similar, especially with the change in weather. At £38 though I’m a little unsure about the commitment. I think I’ll probably just buy another foundation instead… They do sound wonderful though, and if I ever pluck up the courage to try them out for myself then i’ll let you know!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx


  • I love using these pads, great as an additional cleanse before bed I find!! You’ve inspired me to bring them out from the back of my bedside drawer and use them daily!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr