Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge | Giveaway

A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge
A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge
A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge

So unfortunately, I have to start this post on a negative
I was expecting to receive Channing Tatum in the post. This did not happen. I am hoping he has just gotten lost and will turn up any day now. Oh, how a girl can dream! You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about, so let’s get stuck in shall we?
Have you seen the awesome trailer for new movie Jupiter Ascending (featuring Mr Channing and Mila Kunis)? Well, Pur Minerals were inspired by the Summer blockbuster and created a stunning limited edition eyeshadow palette to celebrate it’s launch. With this in mind, the lovely ladies over at Wizard Publicity set me a little challenge…
Using the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Palette and other make-up from the brand’s core line, I was asked to create a Day to Night look. This palette launched exclusively with Feel Unique this week, it is an absolute gem, and as you will see in a moment, is highly versatile for whatever time of day you wish to apply it. Inside the set, you also get a gorgeous pink lip gloss and a black pen eye liner,  helping you to complete the look you set out to achieve.
A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge

Here I have created a really simple Daytime look, beginning with the matte cream shade Destiny all over the lid, followed by softly blending the pale taupe shade, Majesty into the crease. Just in the centre of the lid, towards the top lash line, I applied the pearlescent white shade, Cosmos.  I finished off the eyes with the black liner and a layer of Big Look Mascara. 
For my base I used the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder, which feels silky on the skin and really lightweight. It is one of those undetectable powders, yet with great coverage, hiding any pesky redness or blemishes I had on my skin. To cover my dark circles I used the Disappearing Act Concealer. I then applied the Mineral Bronzer in a three way motion from the top of my forehead, along my cheekbones and down my jawline. I also slightly contoured my nose with this bronzer. 
A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge
A beauty blogger takes part in the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge

You could simply thicken the eye liner and wing it out slightly to make the Daytime look more suitable for an evening, but I went all out and added more eye shadows too. I used the burgandy rose shade, Jupiter in my socket. I love this shade and it reminds me very much of M.A.C Cranberry, which is one of my all time favourite eye shadows. I then patted a little of the Caine eyeshadow, described as twilight bronze, in the centre of my lid. I added a little more bronzer and then applied the pink lip gloss – which as you can see LIGHTS UP. To finish off the Night time look, I added a touch of the Cream Blush, just in the apples of my cheeks.
I absolutely loved creating these looks for the Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Bloggers Challenge, and on a more exciting note, I am giving you guys the chance to WIN all of the products I used from Pur Minerals:

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Make-up
Cream Blush
Disappearing Act Concealer
Mineral Bronzer
Big Look
Jupiter Ascending Palette, gloss and liner


2 cinema tickets to see Jupiter
Ascending !!!!!

You only have until January 25th 2015 to enter this competition, so get entering now before it is too late! *UK ONLY*

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  • ohkalukalay

    I saw the trailer and OMG how amazing does it look? Oh to look like MIla Kunis… or to have Channing Tatum near you… either or 😉 I want that amazing makeup look you did, as it looks divine on you <3 The first look in subtle and flawless, and then thicker liner makes it look so edgy <3 Looove it!

    And cinema tickets? Ugh, all the want <3 hehe.

    Rebecca xx

  • Heather Playdon

    I’m a massive fan of Pur Minerals AND Channing. What’s not to love?! Loving your looks, I’d like to do smoky eyes as I have very pale blue eyes and not the longest lashes so always looking to accentuate them. I’m sooooo going to study your technique for the Daytime look.

    Now if I can crack the smoky look AND win I can whizz my long-suffering husband of 20 years off to the pictures with me looking good, like the old days!

  • Oh Zoe. You look fabulous as ever! Lovely giveaway, any excuse to stare at Channing Tatum and I’m there 🙂 Also LOVE the sound of the disappearing act concealer!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Oh my goodness, how stunning is this look?! So classic! Thankyou for bringing pur minerals to my attention, I’ve never tried them before. I especially like that you mentioned the MAC cranberry dupe as well, I love the colour but I do prefer mineral shadows so I’ve never bought it.

  • I absolutely adore purple eyeshadows and have been lusting after MAC cranberry for what seems like an eternity. This would be amazing to win because it has shades that I love and they seem to be really great quality on you! xx


  • Louise Cavey

    I love films and have been looking forward to Jupiter Rising for a long time now. What makes the prize even better is the make up, it would be amazing if I managed to replicate that look! 🙂

  • Maxine M Partridge

    itd be a nice treat!

  • ashleigh allan

    It would be a great treat for me and I like to try new things!

  • Your makeup tutorial makes me want this, easy and with great impact.

  • Emma Farrell

    I haven’t been able to wear much make up last year due to being unwell and am hoping to wear more this year to cheer myself up and make myself feel better so this prize would be such a treat and nice to try new things! My boyfriend and I don’t get to go out on dates very often as well so cinema tickets would be lovely :)! x

  • Gemma Bracegirdle

    I found your blog about a week ago and I love it ! I’ve read nearly all of your posts and I love the variety of them all ! This giveaway is really great and i love the palette ! Xx

  • I love the shades in this and of course would love to see the film with dreamy Channing Tatum in it. Love the evening look here the most, it’s just stunning x

    Beauty with charm

  • amelia lawrence

    The colours in the palette are so pretty! I’m already planning on seeing the film so free tickets would be great! I love mila kunis too and can’t wait to see the film x

  • This looks so amazing, I love how they’ve been inspired by the film! I definitely am going to see it, who doesn’t love a bit of Channing Tatum?

    Jodie // La Lune Song

  • What a beauty of a palette, and amazing photos too. Such a shame Channing Tatum got lost in the post!

    Gem x | http://www.flutterandsparkle.com

  • looks like a nice palette and your makeup looks awesome!

    xx danielle // shadesofdanielle.blogspot.com

  • Amaryllis Copperlily

    I love trying new things

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I love the natural look of Mineral Make-up

  • Well, it ALL looks amazing, but I’m also in dire need of a great quality concealer 🙂

  • I really want this.

  • lornakennedy

    Because the set looks amazing plus need cheering up 🙁 x

  • barbara daniels

    because its bliming gorgeous

  • The colours in this look so beautiful and are really different from anything that I currently own. I can imagine spending hours playing with different looks to cheer up those long, dark, miserable February evenings. I may just have to treat myself, if payday ever comes…

  • kim neville

    Looks amazing and would love to try out thanks

  • Claire Nutman

    Because I cannot afford to buy new make up, so it would be a treat x

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    I would love to win as this is lush and perfect for my sensitive skin

  • What a pretty look! I love finding great natural beauty products and I’ve never tried Pur Minerals. I’d love to give them a go.
    Ting | The Ting Thing

  • Zoe Goulding

    Love the shades, and great for day and night

  • Alison Joyce

    Such lovely versatile shades

  • Laura Jayne Bates

    to glam myself up

  • Keshia Esgate

    Love the shadow shades 🙂

  • winterinadream

    Can’t wait to see the movie. The eye shadow pallete looks really beautiful!


    This would be amazing lovely colours xx

  • Rachel Heap

    This would be a lovely treat for myself

  • I love trying out new makeup, particularly when it’s of nice quality and normally fairly expensive. It would feel really special if you won it.. a lovely treat for yourself.

  • Kat Allinson

    I desperately need some new make up, this would be a lovely treat

  • Sallyanne Gooch

    I love make up and these colours look amazing.

  • Stephanie Campbell

    it sounds lovely and im lookin at getting some new quality makep

  • Stephanie Whitehouse,

    The colours are stunning

  • Claire Simpson

    Lovely colours & my make up bag is due for a bit of a revamp x

  • I was buying the Accessorize brand of make up but it’s been discontinued, so I would love some new stuff

  • Paula Harvey

    My daughter has pinched most of my make up – would be lovely to have a secret stash of pretty colours! 😀

  • Suzanne Cooke

    I have very little make up to experiment with and this looks amazing

  • The colours look perfect for my complexion

  • Alana Walker

    Because those colours look amazing and I’ve heard great things about the brand, but have not tried them yet.x

  • Jane Middleton

    would love to be able to use some good quality make up that lasts and is good for your skin

  • Shelley Stevenson

    The colours are divine and exactly my tones <3 amazing giveaway 🙂

  • Emma Birley

    Because I love to experiment with new products <3

  • Jackie ONeill

    I use the same old products which I have used for years. I would love to try some new products for free before I buy so would love to win these x

  • Sarah Michelle Pybus

    Always good to try something new in the make up bag 🙂

  • Laura Cooper

    I would like to win because I love mineral make up and have not treated myself to any new make up in ages. Plus the colours are fab!

  • I do adore make up – always makes me feel fantastic! Would like a new selection for my bag!

  • samantha sugden

    I don`t have much make up and would love this to add to my very small collection

  • This collection is so beautiful and the look you created is gorgeous. I would love to win as I feel it’s time for a make-up overhaul as I only own a few pieces of mineral cosmtics 🙂

  • billy lovell

    Because my wife hasnt bought any new makeup for so long!

  • love to try this 🙂

  • I love the shades of the pallette and love the way you have used them, would love to give it a try myself 🙂

  • Natalie Crossan

    Because I could get all dolled up and go for a nice evening with this bundle 😀 xxx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Wow what a fab giveaway and why do I want to win? Simple, you look absolutrely stunning and if I can look as good as you, well I would be well chuffed x

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    I love the look of this collection, lovely colours and you look amazing

  • My beauty resolution is to make more of an effort and be a bit more adventurous! TBH I’ve been keeping it really simple and haven’t worn eye shadow in ages! I want back in!!!!!!!

  • Because I’ve never tried Pur Minerals.

    I love your hair in those pics, btw.

  • Sarah Lewis

    I love using mineral based make-up

  • Eramys Pepper

    I love make-up!

  • Cecelia Allen

    My make up needs sorting, lots of ditching and updating. I have things in there that are years old that really should have gone long ago.

  • Veronica Lopez-Smith

    I love the shades of the palette.

  • Penny Crumpton

    I am down to my last mascara and eyeshadow! This would be amazing and I would have teh chance to try new things out for once!

  • leanne williams

    love to try this 🙂

  • Jennifer Turnbull

    I’d love to win this collection as I think it’s time I updated my makeup. I’ve been wearing the same look for years and need to try something new. This would be ideal. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  • Lynsey S Spraggs

    To me this would be a treat, don’t often get to splash out on new makeup so this would be fab

  • Kate Deakin

    Because I have the same colouring as you and it REALLY looks good on you. Also, I’ve just finished my last neutral eyeshadow palette so it could be excellent timing!

  • Kim Roberts

    The make up looks beautiful on you, and I’ve been after some new stuff for ages!

  • Never used it before and would love to try

  • sherri fordham

    I’m always interested in trying some quality make up 🙂

  • Because I love makeup 🙂

  • The Little Blog of Beauty

    Oh I just missed out on the competition because I’m behind with my Bloglovin feed! Never mind, although I do love the look of that eye shadow palette, it’s gorgeous x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty