Williams and Coburn Loreal Colour Trophy Experience

Some of you may have noticed my dramatic change in hair style recently! If you haven’t seen it, then you will today as this post covers the make-over step by step. Modelling is something I hardly ever discuss, as it is only something I do every now and then, and I always feel silly saying I “model”. I much prefer being behind the camera rather than standing, posing in front of it. Nevertheless, last week I had my hair chopped off for the Loreal Colour Trophy Regionals in Manchester. Somehow I managed to strut down a catwalk, not once, but twice, without falling over in front of a row of judges and an audience. 
I was walking for Willams and Coburn, a fabulous hair salon in Cressington, Liverpool. My hairdresser and stylist, Cheryl is a beautiful soul and her team are just wonderful. I had an amazing time working with this salon for the show and I hope to see them again soon. 

Cheryl showed me how she intended to cut my hair, just typical really that she wanted to chop it all off and give me a fringe, at a time when I was hoping to grow it long. I wasn’t scared or worried though, in the past I have had my hair very short and to be honest, hair is only hair really, it does grow back. I just made a mental note to buy some hats in case it went terribly wrong. Bottom line, I trusted Cheryl and was happy for her to do whatever to it. 

My hair can now be described as a blunt bob paired with a fringe, and as well as being bleached white blonde has tones of peach and pink  running through sections of it. I actually would love to be either pink or peach all over now, and I think the cut really frames my face. This is a style I would have never dared to get but having the decision taken out of my hands was an amazing and crazy experience, that I loved! 

I got to try out the most amazing dresses, all way out of my budget. I had no idea you could even get a dress for £3,000. Cheryl and Kelly decided upon a beautiful Yves Saint Laurent dress with some Jimmy Choo shoes. I was in heaven. 

Here you can see photographs taken from the day of the show. I was so unbelievably nervous walking out in front of all those people, but all of the other models taking part made the day so much fun and an unforgettable experience. Yes, I may look like something from The Adams Family, and yes I have no eyebrows, but hey you only live once right?

This new hair has given me a new found confidence that I never knew I had, one that speaks “I don’t care what you think of me, because I am happy”. My hair has always been my thaang, I am very grateful for the thick head of hair I have and I am now even more proud to rock a totally different look. Strange how a hair cut can completely change your outlook and attitude. 
Doing this has encouraged me to be more adventurous, not just with my appearance but with absolutely everything! I definitely want to say YES to more things and not be as scared to put myself out there. If I can walk out in front of a crowd with no eyebrows and an avante-garde mop then I now feel like I can pretty much do anything…
What do you guys think? 

A huge massive thankyou to Cheryl and Kelly from Williams and Coburn and a *virtual hug* to my amazing agent Jo from Pulse in Liverpool. Jo, you have been amazing, thank you so much.

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