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Nanshy Eye Brush Set
Nanshy Eye Brush Set
Nanshy Eye Brush Set
Wowzers, this is my first post for November, yet we are more than half way through the month. Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger. Apologies guys! Numerous reasons for being slack include having zero light to take photographs, work being crazy busy and sleeping far too much. I have no energy at the moment, I think it’s the change in seasons finally catching up with me. I have also made a note to invest in some lighting, so that I can take blog photographs whatever the weather!

Onto the good stuff. The lovely people over at Nanshy kindly sent me their Eye Brush Set to review. You all know I love make-up brushes so was very excited to try these out. I usually put any new brushes straight into my professional kit, but having recently started at M.A.C Cosmetics, where I need to wear eye make-up pretty much every shift, I was in desperate need of some more eye brushes to add to my personal make-up stash. Great timing.

First of all, lets discuss the packaging. Simple and effective, the smart black box holds a plastic tray which holds each brush into place, whilst a clear “window” allows you to clearly see the brushes in the set. On the back is a photograph of each brush, each one labelled so that you know what each brush is. Nanshy understands we have to look after our little peepers, harsh chemicals are not suited for the delicate eye area, with this in mind, these professional, high quality, antibacterial, synthetic tools have been PETA approved as they are also 100% vegan and cruelty free.
I love the pearlescent white finish to the handles, each complete with the Nanshy logo and labelled so you know which each brush has been designed for. The brush hairs are silky soft, yet sturdy enough for outstanding application. With these 7 brushes you would have everything you need to create any eye look you wished for! You could even use some of them for the lip/brows too.

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Blending Eyeshadow
I love a good blending brush and this one certainly did not disappoint. It has a great balance of fluffy-ness and sturdy-ness! I use this every time I put on eyeshadow as blending is so important. Some blending brushes are too big, or not dense enough, as Goldilocks would say.. this one is juuust right.
Tapered Crease
Fabulous for precise blending, especially when you want to create a smoky eye. I use this to buff in a darker shadow around the top and lower lash line. It is also great for playing with and smudging liner.
Large Shader
Great size for applying both powder or cream eyeshadow to the lid. I generally pack on a base colour using a brush like this, and then use my fingers or a blending brush to create my desired shape.
Eye Crease
Similar to the Tapered Crease, just a bit fluffier and larger. Great for applying eyeshadow and blending. I like to use this to apply shadow to and along the socket using a windscreen wiper action. You can be very precise and add depth to your look.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set
Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Precise Bent Eyeliner
I had never used one of these brushes before, and actually it is so great for make-up artists like me that panic when it comes to eye liner! You can create really precise lines and have total control over where the product goes. I also used this to line my lips which worked well.
Flat Definer
Multi-purpose, can be used to add eyeliner around the lash line, or even dark eyeshadow to enhance the lashes. I like to use it to line my lips, as I find the super flat square edge is great for creating a seamless line. 
Angled Detailer
My new brow brush! Sturdy and a fab size for filling my brows. You could use this as an eye liner brush and again a lip brush,  but I prefer this one to define my brows. 
Overall, for just under £30 on Amazon this set is fantastic value for money. Each brush works out at around £4 each, in comparison to that of M.A.C and Sigma you would be saving a small fortune getting this set. I think it would make a nice little gift for someone this Christmas! I now really want to try the Face Set, have any of you guys tried the brushes from Nanshy before?