Instant Tan vs Self Developing Tan: What Team are You?

bondi sands ultra dark tan and st moriz professional instant wash off tan

The reason for this post was born out of pure and simple curiosity. I just want to know whether you are are an instant tanner or a person who uses self developing tan, and why?

Having been given the lovely nickname of Casper the Friendly ghost, due to my permanently pale skin, fake tan is my friend. I have lived abroad on and off for around 6 years now and yet I have not adopted the Mediterranean olive skin glow. For years I have dabbled with fake tan but being a fairly low maintenance kinda girl, it is not a big part of my routine. However, with Summer getting ever closer here in Ibiza, I am very much aware of how shockingly white my skin is right now.

I have therefore decided that it is time to experiment with self tanning again. Currently in my drawer, I have Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in the shade Ultra Dark and I also have St Moriz Instant Tan in Medium. Now my predicament is as follows….

Do I want to keep on top of the maintenance required for a self developing tan?

You know, exfoliation and what not. What if it goes wrong and streaky?


Do I just try an Instant Tan and wash it off and apply as and when I get the urge to be a golden goddess?

My thoughts on both of these products, including the pros and cons are as follows. Indulge me and read along.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark

I have used Bondi Sands for a good few years now, but only recently did I try out the Ultra Dark shade. Now this for me being so far, is a bit risky if it were to go wrong but usually it is down to my own laziness if I get streaky. I really love the colour and it is really long lasting. I can keep a good colour for a week or more. It fades really well too. It is a bit of a leap from my pale skin but I do enjoy how dark it makes me. When I know I have a photoshoot coming up I tend to prepare a few days before with this.

Pros: Smells fantastic, all coconut-y and what not. Has a guide colour and is super light weight so effectively easy application. The end result is super dark tan that makes me feel sexy.

Cons: I always get my feet and hands wrong, and with it being so dark it isn’t difficult to hide my errors. You have to weight 6 hours for it to fully develop. I can never decide whether applying in the morning and wearing lose clothing is the best option or to sleep overnight in the stuff. The jury is still out on this one.

St Moriz Instant Tan in Medium

This was my very first go to tanning brand, back in my high school days shopping in Warrington Market, I would pick this up or the mousse. I was never very good at applying fake tan then, so nothing has changed much. I love this so much as there is no horrible smell and it applies to easily. Once applied and you have let it dry a little, it doesn’t come off onto clothing. I have slept in this and not had anything on my bed sheets.

Pros: Super light weight with a guide colour so you can see exactly where you are applying the tan. It drys in only a few minutes!

Cons: It obviously washes off and doesn’t last…but that is what it is designed to do. So no cons to this really.


I love both of these products and I choose whichever one suits my mood at the time. If I am feeling like a super pamper I will go for the self developing one, and I will usually do this as part of a big routine – nails / face masks the lot. I tend to go for my instant tan when I need a pick me up or I forget I needed to get my legs out in a dress and need to do an emergency intervention.


What team are you?