Blogger Love Tag

I haven’t written a tag in such a long while, so when I came across Fee from Make Up Savvy’s  Blogger Love Tag  I was super excited to take part. I see so much talk of negativity throughout this blogging world it is wonderful to see someone trying to spread positivity. Tags are always so much fun and I love reading other people’s answers, so please feel free to copy and paste the questions to give this tag a go yourself. 
What was the first blog you ever came across? 
The first blog I ever read was my beautiful friend Lydia’s from Lydia  Elise Millen – now Lydia is a fashion/fitness blogger and even though I love reading this kind of thing, I wanted to try and find some make-up related blogs. Funnily enough, Make Up Savvy, was the first ever beauty blog I stumbled upon. I instantly fell in love with her photography and her writing style. This was over four years ago now and I am still an avid reader.  
Favourite beauty blog reads
Oh gosh I have so many, but if I had to pick a handful I would definitely have to pick Laura  Lou as one of them. I just love how honest she is in her reviews, she has impeccable taste in beauty purchases, and is an awesome make-up artist. Full stop. I also like The Black Pearl Blog, who I also follow on Instagram and without fail drool everytime she posts foody pics. Sandra takes the most amazing photos too! Last but not least, I love Andi from Andrew James Blog, I love how he is not afraid to say exactly how he feels on Twitter and is so lovely to chat to. 
Best blogging friend
Without a doubt this is Megan from Wonderful You. I have only known this girl two years, but it feels like a lifetime. She is beautiful inside and out and I feel very lucky to have her in my life. I will forever be thankful to blogging for bringing me such friendships. 
Name a blog that enables your purchases
I cannot name just one, both Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury make me NEED everything they talk about. 
5 blogs everyone should be reading! 
Wonderful You
Couture Girl
Laura Lou
Lisa Eldridge
Vivianna Makeup
Your favourite way to read blogs
I have just started using Bloglovin, it has to be the easiest way I have found so far to read my favourite blogs. The layout makes everything really easy to access and I love knowing how many new posts I have to read. You can follow my blog via Bloglovin here.
Bloggers that inspire you 
Kayleigh from Couture Girl inspires me because she bravely writes post about personal issues and struggles, and I know this takes a lot of courage. Molly from Lyon’s Notes also inspires me, she is such a lovely girl and has always supported me. Both of these girls have written posts that I can really connect with and because of this she inspires me to continue blogging. Blogging is such a great platform to reach out to others from, and can really help and motivate people without you even realising. 


Favourite blog design/look
I love Lily Pebbles, Liana Beauty, and Tuula Vintage ! I love the modern, sleek look all of these have and the photography is always amazing. I think great pictures really can help make or break a blog. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
The community spirit! I connect, chat, tweet, share things with so many fellow bloggers, many of whom I have never met or may well never meet. Yet we all feel like one big family. Community spirit is lost on so many levels out there in the real world, so to feel so at home with an abundance of strangers – simply because we all share the same passion – it really is a fabulous thing. 
Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future!
My answer has to be Lisa Eldridge.  I adore this lady! I met her once, on her last day with Laura Mercier. She was the International Make-up Artist for them, and she was coming into SpaceNK for an in store event. I had no idea who she was, and did not understand the big ordeal everyone was making. She came into the store, not a scrap of make-up on and later on in the day we sat together up in the staff room talking over lunch and magazines. 
Had I known who she was, I probably would have passed out into my soup. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my answers as much as I enjoyed writing them! Please let me know if you take part in this tag. Tweet me a link (@zonewlove) to your post if you do!