Summer Holiday Hair Care Favourites | Redken, Pureology & Moroccanoil

Beauty blogger puts together a selection of her Summer Holiday Hair Care favourites including brands such as Redken, Pureology and Moroccanoil

All year round I try my hardest to maintain healthy and nourished hair, but more so during the Summer months when I am more likely to be in the sun, when it is more likely to become damaged. When travelling I try to keep my beauty products to a minimum, however, with hair care, I do not even take the weight or bulk into consideration. It is far too important and also too much of a faff trying to decanter shampoo and hair masks into smaller containers . 
Redken are a brand I have used for many, many years and I know my hair is in safe hands with them. Never before had I used their Blonde Idol Sulphate Free Shampoobefore but as my hair tends to go lighter in the sun I thought this would be the perfect holiday essential. It thoroughly cleanses my hair keeping it smooth and soft, as well as nicely hydrated. I love the fact is is sulphate free and this shampoo I plan to use even at home. P.S Redken products always smell amazing! 
Redken Extreme is a range I have used time and time again, I am currently using the Shampoo and Conditioner at home (the drips that are left in the bottle anyway) so I decided to pack the Redken Extreme Strengthening Hair Maskfor my holiday. I do prefer to carry a mask in place of a conditioner as I worry about sun damage, chlorine and salt destroying my hair. This is so lightweight but feels completely and utterly amazing on my hair and leaves it so silky to touch. I am incredibly head sore and my hair can become quite tangled, but when I use this I have no problems with my brushes, they just glide on through. Having used this 2-3 times a week for over a fortnight I can tell you my hair is in the best condition it has ever been in. 
I have a collection of heat protectants, like I am talking about 20 different brands and types here. Nevertheless, there was absolutely no hesitation as to which one I wanted to take on holiday with me. The Pureology Colour Fanatic 21 Essential Benefits*  smells absolutely freakin’ incredible. Plus, as the name give away, it has so many awesome benefits including hair detangling, reduces appearance of split ends, protects against heat damage, shields against environmental aggressors, adds shine to the hair.… I cannot stress enough how much love I have for this. For those of you whom are new to Pureology, they promise to maintain the colour of your hair, so no fading or stripping, they are completely sulphate free and not one single ingredient is animal derived – vegan friendly! I cannot wait to try more from these guys. 
And last but not least, for the last four years, wherever I have been on holiday I have taken a travel size bottle of the Moroccanoil Original Treatment Oil, just because this stuff is the bees knees and I could not be without it. I add a little to damp hair prior to styling and also a little bit afterwards, just to run through the ends. 

Now these products just make up the “pre-hair dryer routine“. I have an entirely separate post on styling products that I took away with me, so watch out for that next week. Featuring brands such as Schwarzkopf, Tigi Bedhead and Rush Hair.