Mallorca Bloopers

Scott Ninness and Mike Roberts caught in action
Beckie Hague posing for Mr Ninness
New Model Libby


Robyn Lambert
Me earlier this week! Check the tashe on this dude! I went to see Wrath of the Titans!
Awesome film!!


Hello Lovelies,
Where has the sunshine gone? Snow? In April! Oh no no no!
Worst landing ever on Wednesday evening! I flew into Leeds Bradford airport and honestly, as we touched down onto the runway, I thought my days were over! Mr Pilot did not make me feel safe! I had visions of us not stopping and crashing into the airport. AWFUL. But hey, I survived 😉
Once departing the airport, suitcase and I, travelled into the city centre where I met some friends and we decided to take full advantage of Orange Wednesdays. I am a film geek, and having not been to the cinema in a wee while this excited me muchos amounts.
There are so many films I want to watch this Summer: Marvel Avengers, Battleship,  American Pie Reunion, The Lorax and The Hunger Games. 
We watched Wrath of the Titans! Now, if you love a bit of Greek Mythology, (like me!) then hell yeah you are going to love this! The hot dude from Avatar is in it (his name escapes me right now) and Liam Neeson.
Thursday morning, I had a wedding to attend. I had been booked as the make up artist and this was the reason for my return to the UK. Everything went super smoothly and everybody looked gorgeous. One incident did make me laugh however, the bride’s wedding dress needed to be laced up, but the lace had gone missing. So, a pair of football trainer boot laces later and the dress was on.
Tomorrow I am going into Liverpool to replenish my kit, I must not forget disposable mascara wands! I really need to learn to buy these kinds of items in bulk! If anybody can recommend a super reliable company for sending hygiene supplies out to make up artists, this would be muchos appreciated!
Anyway 🙂
I thought I would update you guys with some more Behind the Scenes photos from Mallorca. I am really enjoying being out there, as I get to work with lots of new faces and upcoming models – the sunshine is an added bonus. I do miss home a lot too – my dog Alfie especially and Starbucks.
I actually fly back tomorrow evening, I better get packing. Enjoy 🙂
 See you soon!