January Round Up.

I have never written a monthly reflection post before, but moving forward with this blog of mine, I thought it might be nice to reflect back as each month passes, as a way of appreciating the good (and the bad times). Plus, I did a little poll on Twitter, and you guys want to read more Lifestyle / Personal posts. If you follow me on Instagram you will see what I get up to day by day, week by week, but I don’t always share everything here on this blog. A lot of these photos actually never even made it to Instagram, so I hope you enjoy having a nosey at what has been keeping me busy. 
So what have I been up to in January? Prepare for a photo heavy post

I had a Skin Breeze Facial. Isn’t that my best angle right there? 

This is perhaps my favourite facial to date? It involves a gentle microdermabrasion. Blue and Red light treatment (blue for blemishes and red for lines). A selection of serums are applied depending on your skin’s needs. I had a serum to treat blemishes applied to my chin and jaw line and a serum for fine lines and wrinkles applied to my forehead. These were pushed into the skin using an oxygenating tool, to ensure that the lower layers of the skin benefited. A super hydrating face mask then finishes off the treatment – which is what you can see me wearing above. Sheet masks are so popular right now so I am glad I got to experience one during this facial. My skin felt incredible afterwards and I will definitely be going back for more. I visited the Boudoir Beauty Parlour in Shoreditch for the Skin Breeze Rejuvenate facial and cannot recommend it enough. 

I went to the BAFTA Nominations with Lancome. I met Alex Babsky.  

So I could not believe my luck when Lancome generously invited me to accompany them to the BAFTA Nominations announcement. I actually got to be in the same room as Stephen Fry man! Even more exciting, and my fellow make-up artists will agree, I got to meet the utter legend and creative genius that is Alex Babsky. His work floors me, and I find everything he does incredibly inspiring. I got to meet Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and believe me when I say she is stunning in real life like she is on the TV screens. Alex was working his magic on her in the make-up chair and I got to sit by and just simply watch in awe and admiration. I have and always will be an advocate for Lancome make-up and I will be forever grateful for them to have given me this opportunity. 

I had a photoshoot with Redken. I got locked in a bathroom. 

Another pinch me moment. I was invited to attend a photo shoot with Redken with a group of my favourite ladies. Megs. Rose and Hayley. We had the best day – including the moment where I got locked in the studio toilet – and the door had to be bust open with a crow bar. You cannot take me anywhere, literally. 

I went to the L’Oreal Sculpt School and met a second make-up hero Mario Dedivanovic.

I still cannot believe this has happened. Last Friday I was one of the select few invited to attend the L’Oreal Sculpt School event at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. I was beyond excited as not only did we get to find out about lots of exciting new product launches, we actually got to see the one and only Make Up by Mario in action. He makes sculpting look effortless and he is genuinely such a lovely man, who is hilarious too. We got to have our photo taken with him and I was in shock as I stood by his side. This is the guy that got each and everyone of you obsessed with contouring, the second he worked his magic on Kim Kardashian. 

I went to a Boxing class by myself. 

1Rebel is my favourite gym in the world. I attended their super cool and fun Rumble class all by myself, which is something I would never normally be brave enough to do. I got up at 5am to go to the 6.15am class, and had the best time ever. Boxing is something I really want to get into this year.

I went to the Natural History Museum for the first time. 

I have wanted to visit the NHM for so long now and was super excited to see the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the day I went the exhibition area was closed off, but I still got to see this big fella here. I cannot wait to go back again. 

I got Short Listed for Best Established Beauty Blogger at the Johnson and Johnson Blogger Awards. 

I still cannot believe I got invited, never mind SHORT LISTED, to the Johnson and Johnson Beauty Awards. I saw my  name come up on the big screen, under Best Established Beauty Blogger, next to some absolute heroes such as Really Ree and London Beauty Queen, and my jaw hit the floor. I have never felt more proud of this blog. It was a real “wow” moment. 
I am so glad I decided to put together this little post this evening, as it really has opened my eyes to what a wonderful month it has been. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some really sad, upsetting moments happen this month too, but I do believe everything happens for a reason, and even those moments were turned around too. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in January, I worked that little bit harder, I stuck to some big decisions and I met two of my ultimate make-up idols. I am so excited for what February holds. 

How was your January? Are you excited for what February has in store for you?