Erase & Renew.

I find this whole double cleansing phenomenon a little bit funny. For me, ever since I first started wearing make-up, a good ten years ago or so, I always wanted to make sure I took it off properly. The idea of sleeping in my make-up was & still is, really wrong. Why would I want to go to bed, with a slimy layer of grease and dirt on my face, AND then wake up with dirty, mascara-smeared, bronzer stained pillow cases? I have never found washing my face once to ever be enough, whether that be taking my make-up off with a face wipe or eye make-up remover, I still then give my face a good old wash afterwards. Same with washing my hair, I always shampoo twice.

Now, it’s not because I’m not lazy. I rarely exercise, and I love my sleep – A LOT. Just, my skin is really important, and I have always had this need to really take care of it.  So for me, having a skincare routine, is common sense.

Everyone is finally jumping on board with looking after their skin, I think a lot of that is down to popular guru’s such as Caroline Hirons.

I am always happy to try new skincare, so when this Pestle and Mortar The Double Cleanse System arrived in the post, i was pretty excited about it. The packaging was pretty fancy, it came in this big white box with a cute little cleansing cloth and it all felt very; luxury. So what are my thoughts?


The packaging. It is very chic isn’t it? It feels like such a grown up cleanser. The first step is a make-up removing balm, which you apply to your skin when it is dry. This literally melts into your skin, and as you massage it in, it breaks down all the dirt that has built up on  your face throughout the day. Packed with fabulous ingredients such as grape seed and pumpkin seed oil, full of vitamin E, Omegas, Fatty Acids & Antioxidants. It smells pretty lush, a natural smell, nothing overly fragranced. I can’t stand heavily perfumed skincare. I really enjoyed using this as my first step, it did not feel too heavy and left my skin nice and clean.


Second step. Now I really, really like this cleanser. The texture is again lightweight and is a really soft, gentle gel cleanser. When I first used this, I hadn’t really read anything about it or looked at the ingredients properly. I actually used it whilst I was sat in the bath, and when I stepped out and looked in the mirror, I was so happy to skin how fresh and radiant my skin appeared. I have since of course read that it contains papaya and mango fruit enzymes which help improve the skin’s texture and tone, whilst tightening pores to give you that glowing complexion. You can also use this cleanser in the morning too!

I was really impressed overall and even though at first this set may seem expensive at £72, I spend around £25-£30 on a cleanser anyway, plus I buy packs of muslin cloths, and this one is a really nice quality. The presentation is spot on and really finishes the set off to give you that luxury feel. I would definitely recommend this and will continue using this pair in my skincare routine for the foreseeable future.

Talk to me about your skincare routines, any new products I am yet to know about?