Benefit Majorette Booster Blush | #CheektoCheek Tag & Review

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush

Well, isn’t about ruddy time Benefit Cosmetics brought out a cream blusher aye folks? 
The new Benefit Majorette Booster blush* has to be one of my favourite launches of the year so far – bold statement I know. Everything from the packaging, to the colour, the texture… oooh it is just a bit wonderful. 
I only got round to trying mine out this weekend as was far too scared to mess up the beautiful print design. In the end, I gave in, and I am so glad I did as it just applies seamlessly to the skin. I much prefer to use my finger tips on applying this, so I can build up and place the product to just how I like it. Has anyone else noticed the divine fragrance too? Majorette smells delightful. 
Used alone or as a base to an additional powder blusher on top, this surely is a staple for everyone’s make-up bag. This peppy pink shade is the perfect pick me up and a must have for the colder seasons when your skin is feeling dull. 

Onto the fun bit… the #CheektoCheek Tag as created by those clever folk at Benefit Cosmetics… 

1) How do you apply Majorette?
With my fingers. Sure do. 

2) What box of powder do you wear Majorette with?
Gotta love a bit of Dandelion no?

3) What is your top tip for beautiful cheeks?
Wear Majorette, obviously and SMILE !! 

4) What is your cheekiest nail colour?
Hmm, cheeky nail colour would have to be my Essie The Girls Are Out, a gorgeous pink that I only wear when I am ready to down a few cocktails and have a boogie.

5) What’s the cheekiest thing you have done?
Awesome question, but I am not really cheeky. I am as good as gold. I promise. Totally wouldn’t share my last rolo though… 

6) Who’s the cheekiest person you know?
My mother. She is one cheeky sausage. 

7) Who’s cheeks would you have a sneak peek at if you could?
Theo James aka Four from Divergent. His cheeks are not all that I would want a sneak peek of…. 

8) What cheeky movie character do you like the most?
Iron Man. He is my hero and will be my future husband.

9) Have you ever rubbed cheeks with a celebrity?
I have shared a meat and potatoe pie with Peter Kay once. I also snogged Freddy from Skins, but he is a good friend of mine now, so he won’t mind me saying that. 

10) Your favourite cheeky song? 
Have you seen the new Rock of Ages film? Love that soundtrack, but Anyway you want it gets the hair brush out. 

11) Who do you pass the baton too?
Megan from Wonderful You. Guuurl you gotta do this.