Twitter, You are my favourite social media platform.

Twitter, You are my favourite social media platform.

Twitter you are my favourite social media platform. And not just because of Chrissy Teigen.

Instagram, reminds me of Mean Girls. You try and try to fit in with the popular crowd, and even when you do, it still doesn’t get better. Only at the end of  a whirlwind journey; marble flat lays, painfully posed outfit posts and FaceTuned selfies, basically trying to be someone you’re not, the lesson is learnt. Just do you.

We all kid ourselves in thinking we can revert to posting unplanned, unedited photos, but there will always be that split second before hitting publish where upon doubt seeps in and says – but what about the views though?

You can drown in Instagram, losing just as many hours as Pinterest from drooling over all those perfect interior photos and wondering if you’ll ever look as good as Tash Oakley in a bikini. The answer is never. BECAUSE YOU WILL ONLY EVER LOOK AS GOOD AS YOU. STOP WITH THE COMPARISON. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Do you remember that time where you just took a photo? In the app itself? And just, simply posted it. Ah, those days.

Facebook. Gone are the days of caring what my best friends neighbour’s daughters boyfriend from school is up to. All you are good for is the birthday reminder function. I’m talking from a personal point of view. Business wise, obviously I still love you Facebook. You go glen coco.

Twitter, You are my favourite social media platform zoe newlove

Twitter is by far my favourite social media platform.

There is such a great sense of community on there, even through the waves of negativity, Twitter brings us all together. Not just on the topic of blogging, but our love for Netflix series and the latest popular podcast. To how we all share the same surge of hatred towards Trump.

I love those who go viral. I just want to give you a pat on the back, a high five, and salute you my friend. I mean, we all dream of curating that hilarious tweet that then gets shared by the thousands. It makes me realise just how funny other humans are. We are a smart, witty and intelligent breed. Most of the time.

Yes, sometimes I cannot always share my opinion on Twitter, with the fear of being trolled by so many strangers. But, in some cases, just as we have seen with the recent hotel/blogger drama, Twitter is an incredible platform to show support and ensure the right messages are being put out there. Whatever industry you are in, blogging, music, or gardening, Twitter has opened up a community of likeminded people that you can access in an instant.

Some days I won’t tweet at all. Other days, I will tweet 20 times, or even create an epic thread. Regardless, I don’t wake up to 50 unfollow / follow me  chaps. I don’t lose the love  because I was quiet for a few days. Y’all still there, waiting for me to get back.

Twitter, You are my favourite social media platform zoe newloveTwitter, You are my favourite social media platform zoe newlove

With Twitter, I just write. I don’t worry about how many great hash tags I need to use, I don’t need to worry about the photos matching a theme or fitting in with my feed.

Through Twitter I have gained so many friends. From Laura Lou, to Lauren and Megs, and equally made friends that I have never met in real life but I know they are only a tweet away.

So cheers Twitter.

Thanks for making our lives a little brighter.

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