10 Self Help Books You Need in 2018.

Something I will start sharing more of on my blog are tips and tricks in how to become the best version of yourself. 2017 was the year of learning for me. Teaching myself how to become the best version of me, and to continue this mindset, and commit to it daily. The way I have done this is simply by reading self help books. I love reading and try to read a new book every week. 2018 will be the year that I put everything I have learnt into practice.

Today I am sharing the Top 10 Self Help Books that I have found to be most beneficial to me and I truly believe they will help you have the best year yet for 2018.

You can read these in whatever order you like, read them all or read just one. I am going to share them in the order that I read them so you can really feel the process that I went through, into getting to the stage that I am at now.

Let’s go.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

A friend of mine had read this and said it had changed her life. Bold statement. Eat, Pray, Love being the novel this author is most famous for is and always will be one of my favourite reads. If you are looking to feel INSTANTLY inspired and love to be creative, if you want to discover how to really make the most of your life and remind yourself of your passions and dreams, this is the book for you. I have read this three or four times and still pick it up to read through my favourite pages. A delightful, easy read with plenty of humour thrown in for good measure.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

After reading Big Magic, I honestly just craved more. A fire had lit inside me and all I wanted was to read more and more about how I could live a creative lifestyle, be happy and successful, and enjoy everything I have ever dreamed of. My first Summer in Ibiza a couple of my girl friends recommended this book to me and then in January I went to Waterstones and finally bought it. WOW. This honestly will change your entire out look. Hal Elrod is such an inspiration. This book teaches you 6 principles, techniques that you can add into your morning routine which will drive you to success. Now, I am still not a morning person and I am still not applying all of these techniques – exercise I am looking at you – but I am determined to follow his process, as I honestly believe every single word in this book. Now I just have to put it into practice. AND SO CAN YOU. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK.

Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell

After reading TMM I had begun to meditate more and do more yoga. I was enjoying, and still am, discovering a spiritual out look on life. I was unhappy in work and wanted to work out what was causing my unhappiness, as well as discovering what really is my purpose. If you are in a similar state to what I was, asking yourself questions such as what is the purpose of my life? What am I here for? I know, big questions right. If you feel any emptiness at all and you are searching for fulfilment, this book can guide you there. Light is The New Black I have read countless times, and I turn to chapters on a weekly basis just for a quick pep talk. Read this and discover your soul calling. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

I hold so much love for this book and for Louise Hay. I have read this again a few times as I just find a lot of comfort in it, and it speaks so much sense. If you have heard of ideas such as the Law of Attraction and the book called The Secret, this book shares very similar ideas, but goes into much more detail and opens you up to an entirely different way of thinking. This really helped me get through some emotional blocks and made me feel so much happier after reading it. It is one I tend to buy for friends and recommend a lot.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight

This book I picked up off the back of a lot of hype around it. I read through this in a matter of days and actually only skim read parts of it, as at this point I actually realised I already had the attitude of not caring very much for what people think. So why would I recommend it to you if I did not find much use to it? I have a lot of people in my life, around me, who really do care far far too much what others think of them and I can see how it impacts their lives on a daily basis. This saddens me, and thus this book is something I always tell them to read as the second you honestly stop caring what others think of you and realise that we are all one, and your uniqueness is what makes you special, that big weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders will be lifted immediately.

Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray

I highly recommend reading this a chapter, a day at a time. Complete each task that is set out in the book and slowly feel yourself become happier. This book teaches you that we all run on vibrational energy, and when we are happy we have high vibrations, and when we are being negative we run on a low vibration. You want to be running on high vibrations all the time as when we do, we attract everything we desire. Now, this is a concept I am only just truly starting to get to grips with, but I say give it a go. What do you have to lose?

How To Be An Overnight Success by Mrs Rodial

I read this one in a day. My first review is here. Really inspiring and really easy to read. If you have the urge to create your own business, become your very own girl boss or sell your own product, then read this. It is full of simple but incredibly helpful advice, covering all areas of business. An open and honest account, with great humour and brilliant personal anecdotes from the amazing Mrs Rodial.

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

If you are a fellow spiritual sister, then you will already know that 2018 is the year of the Divine Feminine. Not got a clue what I am talking about? Did you notice during 2017 things such as meditation, seeing past gender, self love, wellness and eating organic all became more mainstream? That was just the start of the shift, the bigger shift is this year and I am so ready for it. In this book you are reminded what it means to step up to your true self, find your inner calling and really be your own person. You learn to empower the women around you and support your network, building each other up. I really enjoyed reading this and plan to read it again later this month.

The Courage To Be Creative by Doreen Virtue

One of my absolute favourite reads, as it just speaks to me on my creative level. Whether you wish to write a book, paint, draw, act or play an instrument, this book is for you. It guides you into remembering why you have this urge inside you to be creative, and to not be scared. It is full of wisdom, encouragement and just a lot of love.

Ask and It Is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks 

I have still got a few pages left of this book, but wow. If you are just starting out on a spiritual journey, I would read a few of the other book recommendations first before opening this. It is quite a lot to digest if you are a newbie. However, if you have dabbled with your own spiritual awakening and wish to discover more, this is the book for you. I absolutely LOVE this. I stumbled across it in Waterstones and so glad I picked it up and took it home.


What books would you recommend? I am such an avid reader, with a strong thirst to read and learn so much more. Let me know what you think.

All the best for 2018.