Switching up my Skincare.

There was a downside to living in Ibiza. Only a teeny tiny one.

My skincare routine.

Due to the joys of weight and luggage restrictions, I could only bring out a very select amount of products for the entire Summer. Usually, I mix up my skincare routine on a weekly basis, playing with all the serums and moisturisers in my stash. To be fair, it was refreshing to stick to one skincare routine for such a long period of time, 6 months. But, I’m back now and ready to throw everything I own on my face.

With the majority of my PR samples having been sent to my UK address, I came home to lots of new skincare to test out and add into my skincare routine. Today I thought I would share the ones that I am currently switching into this weekly mix. 



Eve Lom Cleanser

I found a little travel size pot of this cult cleanser. I used to be addicted to this cleanser when I worked at SpaceNK years and years ago. I totally get the whole mineral oil argument, but I cannot help but enjoy using this still and it doesn’t make my skin break out or anything. The smell I actually love, that good old dentist chair pong, sorry but that’s what it is. It sounds silly, but I feel posh when cleansing with this, and that is always a treat, because guys, I am far from posh. Using this up for now.

bareMinerals Add To Cleanser Mini Polishing Grains

This reminds me of the Dermalogica Microfoliant, another product I was obsessed with back in the day. I love the combination of ingredients here; natural Chardonnay, Rose, Sweet Orange Peel and Black Rice grains plus mineral-rich Sea Salts. Another smell sensation, making my skin feel really fresh and clear. I love that I can mix this into ANY of my cleansers and I get an instant extra boost of exfoliation. I could very easily use this every day but make sure I only use it 2-3 times a week – don’t want to over do it now.

Jurlique Activating Water Essence

I was really excited to try this new product from Jurlique, as a lot of their products I regularly reach for anyway, such as their toning mists and moisturisers. Read all about my thoughts on Jurlique Skincare hereMy initial thoughts, I would not say this is an essential step in anyone’s routine, but it certainly does help the hydration process. It feels beautiful on the skin, and for someone who does suffer with dehydrated skin, it really works wonders. Apply after your toner and before your serum.

Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Re-texturising Serum Concentrate

Really, really like this serum. I started to use this in the last fortnight I was in Ibiza, and I have continued to use it ever since. I always look tired. I put this mostly down to my pale complexion, so anything designed to revive my dullness is a winner. Except, this actually works. My fine lines are put to bed and the overall texture of my skin is smoother and brighter. I have fallen back in love with Kiehl’s recently, so expect to see this brand pop up a lot more.

Evolve Radiant Glow Mask

Do not eat this. Do not eat this. Do not eat this. BUT IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Once a week, at least, I treat myself to a face mask. This one is ruddy fabulous and is full of only natural goodness. Created to pack my skin with hydration and radiance, this one is a delight to use. Just remember it is not edible, okay?

I am on the hunt for new cleansers, ones that tackle blemishes and wrinkles in one big hit. Any ideas?