Be Confident With Colour | A Valspar Collabaration

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I get approached on a regular basis to collaborate with brands, and most of the time they are not a suitable fit for my blog. So when a paint brand, yes paint, as in what you would use to decorate your house with, contacted me I was a little taken a back. My blog is nothing to do with interiors and I certainly would not trust myself to paint my own bedroom walls. I then read on to see what they were interested in doing, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Valspar, the paint brand, were holding a media event to introduce journalists and bloggers to their new Collections ranges, launching this Spring in 60 B&Q stores across the country. One of their collections, Cosmetic Colour, had been inspired by the world of cosmetics and beauty. The idea being, I would attend the event and encourage people to be bold with their lipstick choices, and to have the same courage to be daring with their interior choices.


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Any excuse to play with make-up and colour, I was immediately excited to collaborate, and I was keen to learn more about a new industry. I flew back to London a few weeks ago for this event and had the best time, the team from Valspar and the PR agency well and truly looked after me.

As for the new Collections, there are five influences ranging from The Bookcase, which has been inspired by story telling and timeless masterpieces, Out Of This World, which has an awesome array of galactic colours, to Pantone Pop, all about being bright and vibrant.

I got to meet interior designer, Sophie Robinson, who was so lovely and genuine and she was demonstrating how to do stencilling with the paint, as well as allowing people to give it a go themselves. What was really cool to see, was a Graffiti Life artist, painting an out of space scene throughout the day using the Out of This World collection and glitter!

For someone like myself who is not yet a home owner, but cannot wait to buy her very first home, it was so inspiring (and also felt very grown up) to be discussing interiors and finishes all day long, but also having the fun of playing with make-up too. It was great to encourage those who came down to the event to be more daring with their choices, both in make-up and with paint.

You can use Valspar paint to decorate not just your walls, but to upcycle and craft pretty much anything as it is multi surface paint. The chair in my little boudoir area where I did the make-up demonstrations had even been painted!

I filmed my day with Valspar here & you can even see my bestest buddy Megan Gilbride from Wonderful You pop down to visit me…

The Valspar® Collections are available in 60 B&Q stores, find your nearest store here:


*This is a Sponsored post in collaboration with Valspar Collections.