Beauty Tools | FOREO Luna Mini Review

A beauty blogger reviews the Magenta FOREO Luna Mini
A beauty blogger reviews the Magenta FOREO Luna Mini
A beauty blogger reviews the Magenta FOREO Luna Mini

The days of
simply washing your face with a flannel and hot water are with us no more, well
not for me anyway. I will jump at the chance to test any new gadget or beauty tool that not only speeds up the cleansing
but enhances it too.
It is a running joke in my family how much attention I give my skincare routine and they mock me for spending
“hours” in the bathroom. I would just like to point out, I do not
spend hours in the bathroom, I just like to ensure my face is nice and clean,
okay? Furthermore, with my new bright magenta FOREO Luna Minienabling me
to clean my face in just a minute, no one can complain that I am hogging the
Firstly, I
absolutely love the sleek, modern design of this beauty tool and the size is
perfect to carry around whilst travelling – extremely lightweight and
small in size. If you are not a fan of pink, not to worry, there are a range of
colours available
including grey, purple and blue.
You can use
this with absolutely any cleanser, I have been testing it out with my Antipodes
Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser
, and it just works so, so well. Looking at the
FOREO you would not expect it to be so soft, it looks quite hard and stiff, but
actually once you turn it on, the smooth silicone touch points are so gentle on
the skin and glide across each area with ease. As well as removing make-up, it
unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells. I like to remove my make-up first
with a micellar water or cleansing milk, and then use the FOREO for my deep,
second cleanse.
In comparison
to that of my Clarisonic or Magnitone, it is by far, more gentle, making this
ideal for those of you with sensitive skin. I actually prefer using this to my
facial cleansing brushes, simply because I love how kind it is to my skin and
for those days where I want to feel that little bit “cleaner” I will then
exfoliate using a microdermabrasion, or simply a hot flannel and cleansing
For me the key
selling point here, is the fact you do not need interchangeable brush heads. My
Clarisonic has been sat collecting dust simply because I haven’t had chance to
pick up a new head. With the FOREO you simply wash away any dirt from the
silicone head – making this much more hygienic. One full charge allows up to
300 uses
too, how amazing is that?
At £99 this is
great value for money and I would actually pick this up over any cleansing
facial brush for sure. My skin is far healthier looking, I have had no break
from using it and my time in the bathroom has easily been halved. You can
pick this up from Look Fantastic now and get free next day delivery!