Sunday Musings | I Pressed The Blogging Pause Button…

All of last week, yes that is right, one entire week, not one blog post went out. Strike me down Blogging Gods.
Until this morning, I had been constantly worrying about having not scheduled any posts to cover last week. Even whilst distracted by a completely fun and amazing week spent with friends and family, right at the back of my mind had been a niggling thoughtWhat if I lose all my readers? Will all my hard work be diminished having not posted for one week? 
In my last Sunday Musings post, I discussed my struggles working full time and having a blog. I explained that I had wanted to schedule posts for the upcoming week but with failing to get the right balance, it left me quite unorganised, and well, pretty tired. Hence, why last week I fell off the blogging radar. As to the response to this post, it was so comforting to hear a lot of you feel the same way and in some way even found my post helpful. It was great to come back and read all of  your comments and for that I thank you.
For the first time in seven days, I logged onto my laptop and into Blogger. Guess what? The blogging world hadn’t ended. My blog had not gone on strike and deleted itself. Traffic was still stopping by and comments were left. Even so, had there been no comments or little traffic, that would be okay. We are all human beans and we are entitled to take a break out of blogging or be it any hobby or passion of ours. 
I pressed, unintentionally, the pause button on my little blogging world. Sitting here, I can look back on how I dealt with that and how in future I can do it again, but with less stress and more appreciation. 
Where have I been might you ask?
Last weekend I flew to the island of Zakynthos, to celebrate two of my best friend’s getting married. They had a “no photographs/no phones” rule of which I thrived off. It was such an awesome feeling, sitting there, in the most beautiful setting, enjoying such a special moment knowing I would not miss a second for the sake of capturing a Pinterest worthy photo. 
I read a book. Late to the party, but The Fault in Our Stars is a magical and emotional story of which I could read again and again. I finished it in two days, simply could not put it down.
I then flew into Manchester and traveled up to my boyfriend’s sisters wedding in the Yorkshire Dales. Followed by a beautiful tea party with cake and sandwiches EVERYWHERE. Spending quality time with my boy and his family was absolutely wonderful and I have decided we need to do it more often. 
What have I learnt?
It is important to take time out for ourselves, and to enjoy moments without having to share them on the internet. I purposely have not included photos of my trips away in this post, as they are personal to me and it is nice to preserve memories privately – sometimes. 
There is indeed more to life than work and blogging, and even though I love both of these parts of my life so much, just eating cake, having a giggle with friends and family is more than enough to keep me happy. 
So guys, what I am trying to say is, sorry (not sorry) for taking an accidental step back from my blog this past week, and I am happy to say I am back down in Reigate, at home, with my laptop on the sofa; preparing posts for the upcoming weeks. 
Just remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, take your sweet time and live a little bit more, you know, outside