SpaceNK Made Me Do It.

Ola Chicas!
Whenever I am back in England, one of my favourite things to do is head to SpaceNK in Harrogate. I used to work there and I love going back to see the girls and check out any new products they may have. I dragged my boyfriend in with me and was surprised to see him head straight over to the Men’s section… Yes girls I have finally converted him to skincare. 

I only needed one thing: Nude Progenius Treatment Oil.
I have nearly ran out and with it being a staple part of my skincare routine repurchasing it was essential.
Yes, it carries a hefty price tag of £58 but this oil really, really, really helps my skin and as I say on numerous occasions, I see skincare as an investment.
You can read a review of this treatment oil here.

the other half, waved me over to Kiehl’s and asked me about the
Midnight Recovery Eye cream
. He has been using the Kiehl’s Men’s Eye
, but I have been suggesting for a while he needs something with a
little more oomph.
(Plant the seeds ladies). This Midnight Recovery Eye
is a newbie to the Kiehl’s range and is pretty much the Midnight
Recovery Concentrate but in a formula suitable for the eye area. We
haven’t used it yet – note we, of course I need to try it to guys! The way it works does sound magical though, it is supposed to make your eyes look younger by morning, bye bye fine lines and and wrinkles!

There is a rule I keep when shopping in SpaceNK, it goes like this:
Write down ONLY what you NEED on a shopping list
Enter the store
Head to the shelf – No excuses of not knowing where it is having worked there
Now, as I hadn’t been in the store since October last year, this meant I hadn’t seen my good friend Beth, in a while, which in turn meant a catch up was necessary. I could feel my toes curling up as I entered these dangerous waters, staying in the store longer than necessary was extremely worrying, for me and for my bank account. 
The Diptyque candles were giving me the eye, so without thinking, in a slightly trance like state, I drifted on over to them. I had to have one! This range definitely falls into the “luxury candle” category, retailing at £40 each, but oh my lord do they smell heavenly! My favourite is the John Galliano candle, but as it smells of old books and castles (weird I know) it isn’t one Scott fancied having in the bedroom. I chose Baies instead, a typically fruity, floral scent made up of red fruits and roses.If you look after these candles properly they will burn up to 60 hours! In fact, you don’t even have to light them for the fragrance to lift the room, why oh why did I not buy more…..

Scott then picked up a Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen in 55spf. It was too late, he had caught the SpaceNK bug. I love the Hampton Sun range, and I always stock up before Summer, it smells divine and you can barely feel it on your skin. I burn like a bitch so the higher the factor the better for me, hence 55. 
I nearly wondered off to buy some more products, but Scott came to his senses and ushered us to pay. We left the store, pockets slightly emptier, but the black bag with the little black and white ribbon always makes you feel better no?
I found when I was home, my lovely friend Beth, had popped in some Eve Lom Eye Cream samples. I have been using these ever since and absolutely love it. Dare I say it may even replace my staple Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm eye cream? Time will only tell. 
literally could roll off a list as long as my legs with all the products
I want from this store, but sadly I no longer have the shiny staff
discount and I am trying to be good with my pennies. I am saving up for a new
car and things for our home: Grown Up Things
What products are on your SpaceNK Wish List?
See you soon,