You’re Lush.


I said in my last post I would show you guys what I bought from Lush Cosmetics (if you haven’t read my last post, erm why not?).
When I had a search in my suitcase for my treats, I was absolutely devastated to discover I had left the face mask from my haul at home in the UK. I had left it in the fridge and completely forgotten to take it out. So I apologise for not having a photo but I will write a little about it anyway.
After I had finished my treatment in the Lush SPA, I was reapplying my make-up and the therapist said I could help myself to the products in the bathroom – how handy? One of them was a toner. It was actually the Eau Roma Water.  I really liked how it felt on my skin so definitely wanted to purchase it on leaving the store, however when searching for the toner I noticed this Tea Tree Water.
Tea tree is a wonder oil for anyone with oily or spot prone skin. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobal properties. This had my name written all over it. Where the skin needs balancing, where there are spots, gentle tea tree is just the job.
I have never been a believer of toners. Ever. I do not think they are an essential part of a skincare routine, this is just my personal preference, but after using this for a few days I can safely say it is now going to be a staple part of my routine. I love it and I think it really is making a difference to my skin.
 You can use this product to remove traces of make-up and also as a facial spritz to freshen up during the day. The price, £3.95 is an absolute bargain. I wish I had bought the bigger bottle now.
Feeling Younger Skin Tint £12.00
This was another product that I noticed in the bathroom. I saw the words feeling younger and was instantly drawn to find out what it was.
I mixed a tiny amount into my foundation and it really brightened my skin. I literally needed the tiniest amount, so I thought what the heck I need this in my life! When I got home in the evening, my mum commented on how nice my skin looked. This is a MASSSIVE compliment to any skin obsessed freaks like me and I swear it is down to this product. I have used it every day since and adore it. Another staple for my make-up bag. I am definitely going to add this product to my professional make-up kit as you can use it in so many ways.
You can mix it in with your moisturiser or foundation/tinted moisturiser, or you can apply it after your moisturiser before your colour supplement. It can be used as a normal highlighter, so on your cupids bow, bridge of your nose, brow bone and inner corners of your eye. You can even use it over dark circles to reflect the light and disguise the shadow.

Midnight Massage Bar £6.50*
I had never used a massage bar, in fact I still technically haven’t. When I had the “Synaesthesia” treatment at the Lush SPA the therapist used a massage bar on me – is it quite sad to think that I actually had no idea these existed?
*I got given this as part of a little goody bag, it probably is not something I would have picked out for myself.
If like me you had no idea what a massage bar is, they are designed to use in pairs. So find someone who will willingly (or bribe them into ) give you a massage with one of these bad boys. They are completely natural and melt to your body heat. This one smells amaaaazing it contains cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, figs, carob pods and quince fruit. The exotic jasmine fragrance will linger on your skin long afterward.
After my treatment I could smell the massage bar on my skin all day long and the day after, and it felt super super soft as the bars are really moisturising.  There is only one flaw with it: I suggest it comes with a free guy to massage you as I doubt my boyfriend will be up for this.
Any offers?
Cupcake Fresh Face Mask £5.95
ABSOLUTELY HEARTBROKEN! As this is a fresh face mask you have to keep them in the fridge, and stupid me left it in there instead of packing it.
This face mask would have been perfect for my skin, as it is oily and prone to breakouts. This cupcake face mask is a decongestant and deep cleanses the skin. It is great for teenage skin.
I cannot review this as sadly I have not used it but I plan to repurchase so if you would like to hear a review let me know and I will let you know whether this product worked for me.
There you have it, my little Lush Haul. I also bought lots of Christmas gift boxes for friends but cannot include them on here as I know some of you read it! If you are doing some last minute shopping today or tomorrow then head straight down to Lush. They have some fantasticly packaged treats for not a lot of money.
I must admit I was not a Lush regular, but I will be now after buying these products. Everything is totally natural, and the store smells amazing. I believe I will become a little bit addicted so expect more Lush Hauls in the future.
See you soon,