Five Make-up Brush Essentials.


Whilst brainstorming ideas for my blog I thought of this blog title, Five Make-up Brush Essentials. I was like yes, this will be a great post, well done Zoe. Then I realised, that I had to whittle down just five key brushes out of my collection of nearly 200. I use so many brushes on a daily basis, even if I am creating a natural make-up look, therefore the task was a lot harder than I initially anticipated.

I obviously did work it out in the end, hence the post today, but my goodness, that was hard work folks. Obviously all the brushes I have chosen are from Crownbrush because I just love the brand, durrr. I do use M.A.C, Illamasqua, and Make Up For Ever brushes too, but in terms of quality and price, Crownbrush still win in my eyes.


Okay, so had to choose two brushes for this as I always use different foundations and prefer a different brush depending on which foundation it is that I am using. So my ultimate favourite liquid foundation applicator is the new Medium Face Contour brush. Previously, this brush was only available in one of the HD Brush Sets, but now is sold individually, which is the best thing ever. Made from super soft, synthetic hair, this brush is the perfect size for buffing foundation into the skin using small circular motions. I really like it for blending large areas of concealer and is also great for blending cream contour too.

The second foundation brush is another one I rave about and always recommend to friends and family, is the Flat Bronzer brush. I actually have never used this to apply bronzer, but just like the Medium Face Contour brush, I use it to buff in foundation and also set areas of concealer with a foundation powder. Ridiculously soft and applies foundation in a flash, great for when you are in a hurry.

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Blusher is something I wear every day, even on days that I am wearing next to nothing, if I feel I look tired, blush wins over mascara. So for that reason for me, an angled blush brush is essential. I just think you can really sculpt the face with this cut of brush, rather than use a round more traditional shaped blusher brush. I do use this for powder contouring too. My favourite is this one from Crownbrush.


I wear bronzer all year round, because I am so pale, a little warmth goes a long way. I fell in love with the Precision Powder brush last year, and nothing else compares. You can use the pointed end to define your nose, and hollows of your cheek bones, but it is big and fluffy enough to use all over the face with a few sweeps of powder.


Out of all the eye brushes, the most important is the one you use to blend. I own what feels like a hundred and one eye blending brushes, so how did I pick just one?  It comes down to value for money. You really do not need to spend a small fortune on a decent blending brush. Crownbrush have a great selection of blending brushes, but my fave is the C441 Pro Blending Crease.


What make-up brush could you not live without?