Quick Tutorial | Wavy Hair with Charlotte Springer

Charlotte Springer Glamour Model

You will need:
A curling wand, tong or GHDS
Hair Oil
Paddle Brush or even a Tangle Teezer
Charlotte Springer Glamour Model
Now heat your curling tool, you can create simple curls with a wand, curling barrel or tongs, or even a pair of GHDs. Now it genuinely does not matter what direction you curl the hair, just try to keep it all the same way, so when you brush your waves out they sit nicely. Only curl up to halfway of the hair, pushing it at 3/4 of the way, there is no need to go all the way up to near the root for natural waves.
Charlotte Springer Glamour Model
Once all curled, pump some hair oil into your hands and run it through the hair, this will make the hair really glossy and keep it in good condition after the attack of heat. 
Use your paddle brush or tangle teezer, and in sections start from the bottom and move up to the middle when brushing it out. You just want to gently “stroke” the hair with the brush to get this loose wave effect. 
There you go, and after a quick spritz of hairspray, this look should last you all day long!!

Thank you to Charlotte Springer for being my hair model!

See you soon.