Why Should You Use An Eye Cream?

I have been using an eye cream since I turned 18. I have always had this rather obsessive behaviour towards getting wrinkles and the first place that shows signs of aging is the eye area. Now, there are lots of people that say that you do not need to use an eye cream, and that is okay, but in my opinion I really think you will benefit from using one.

Eye creams can help reduce dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and just generally improve the condition of the eye area. As it is much thinner it tends to become a lot more dehydrated than the rest of the skin and can easily show signs of tiredness. I put my eye cream on before I apply anything else, straight after cleansing and toning. You only need the tiniest of amounts, and gently pat or massage the cream around the orbital ┬ábone (not directly under the eye as your eye has it’s own circulation which will pull the product inwards).

So do you want to prevent wrinkles? Fed up of dehydration lines looking like fine lines? Then yes you do need to use an eye cream.

Two of my current favourites are the Christian Breton SOS Eye Balm, which is fabulous if like me you get really dry eyes and need an instant boost of radiance. And, Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream, this one smells amazing and feels really fresh on the skin.

I find the SOS Eye Balm to be more suited in the day time as it feels lighter and sits better under makeup, and the Antipodes one I like to apply of an evening. Both are wonderful and help tackle any fine lines. I do not suffer with much puffiness or dark circles so I cannot comment on whether these are effective, but if you apply any eye cream with gentle, light massage, this in itself will help improve the circulation in that area.

Do you use an eye cream? Or do you think it is just another beauty myth encouraging you to spend more money?