Why I Want to Eat Healthy & Skin Clearing Ingredients

My skin has been driving me crazy guys, literally crazy. The last month or so, it has been so problematic,  and no matter which way I would adjust my skincare routine, nothing seemed to be helping it. I’d get to a stage where I would think it was looking better and then the next day it would be three times worse. I haven’t got acne, but I do have under the skin spots and red areas that really bother me. The one thing I hadn’t really paid attention to, was my diet. Silly really, when we are what we eat, so of course, my skin would flare up. My diet throughout the Summer consisted of pasta, pizza, sushi and… chocolate. I realised I had silently fallen into sugar addiction. Having at least one chocolate bar a day, if not more. I needed to sort myself out.

First Steps

I dug out my Deliciously Ella books and resigned into my Madeleine Shaw Glow Guides App. I need inspiration for recipes and a structure to follow to break my bad habits.

Struggles with Food

Then I made a promise to myself I would make a conscious daily effort, and transform my bad habits into good ones, to look after my body and to not let it down. Excuses such as not having enough time for food prep, or being too tired or too stressed to eat – no longer allowed.

You Are What You Eat

A couple of trips to the health food store later and my local fruit & veg shop, I reminded myself that my body is exactly what I eat. For the first time I got excited about food and cooking for myself.

As I am not a personal trainer, nutritionist, or health coach of any sort, I will not go into lots of detail about each of these things that I have learnt help with your skin. Instead I just wanted to share with you what my research has shown me, and break it down very simply.

The Skin Clearing Ingredients


Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Every model on this planet swears by this – flush out those toxins. Add slices of lemon to your morning glass of water.

Dairy Alternatives

I have not drank cows milk in YEARS. I always use plant based alternatives to dairy such as Coconut and Almond milk. Alpro are a fantastic brand. Cows milk has been linked to skin problems for a long time now.

Walnuts, Cashews & Pumpkin Seeds

Nuts in general are full of minerals that your body needs, these ones contain Zinc which has been linked to those who have acne when zinc deficient. They have anti inflammatory properties.

Dark Berries

Asides from being god damn delicious, berries are packed with anti oxidants and vitamins that your skin loves.

Peppermint Tea & Green Tea

Peppermint tea is something I always drink as it helps ease my belly when I have digestion issues – I bloat a lot. However it is also great as it boosts oestrogen levels and slows down oil production in the skin. Green tea is brilliant for the skin as it is anti inflammatory, packed full of antioxidants, and has antibacterial and anti viral properties.


You can make an avocado mask and see the direct benefits of this, but you can also benefit from the inside out too. Avocados are full of fatty acids which will help improve the complexion of the skin.


Drinking beetroot juice and eating this vegetable as part of your diet is a great way of cleansing your body of any toxins. It also purifies blood which leads to healthy, glowing skin.

Want more information?

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