Timeless Kissproof Lipstick.

I am forever getting stuck into a make-up rut, and even though I switch up my foundation and mascaras quite regularly, things like lip gloss, lipstick and blusher I tend to stick to the same colours. I literally take one nude lip pencil and use it to it’s death before moving onto another. I really want to have more fun with my own personal style this year, and that includes my make-up, and remembering when I do wear a coloured lippy, I love it.

These Timeless Lord & Berry Kissproof lipsticks have definitely motivated me to start wearing more vibrant colours again. At first I thought these were lipglosses, but as soon as I applied these to my lips, it is indeed a lipstick – super bright and super matte.

You don’t have to worry about putting layers of this on to get the fluid, matte finish. All it takes is honestly one stroke with the brush. The applicator shape is literally perfect, and has a small tip so you can get right into your cupids bow and create a smooth finish. I am always fussy about the edge of the lips, and will always use a lip liner, but actually, with this, you genuinely can use it alone. It drys really quickly, so you don’t have to worry about smudging it.

It is so long lasting, I went out for lunch and there was no embarrassing chin or nose transfer you sometimes get when eating. It does not budge. So much so, it is actually really hard to get off… this for me, is a good thing. I had to use an oil based cleanser and some tissue to get these off in between swatches. I was really impressed with the staying power.

The shades I have (in order of appearance below) are Pop Pink, First Lady and Bold Red. I absolutely adore the red shade, it is incredible and really reminds me of MAC Ruby Woo, but less drying and more long wearing.

I definitely want more shades, and these will be going straight into my professional kit. It would be great if they brought out just a shade of nudes in this formula, as I think brides would LOVE this.

Have you tried the Timeless lipsticks yet?