001 The Photography Series

Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove reveals her top Photography tips.


So The Photography Series 001 was supposed to go live on Friday and for whatever reason, it did not. Silly blogger. Silly me.  
This has to be one of my most requested posts, ever.
How do you get your photographs to look the way they do?
It is awfully flattering to be asked how I shoot my photographs for this blog, I get lots of lovely compliments on my photos ,from you all here in my comments, and over on my Twitter. It is so kind of you, and I appreciate it very much. I still have a long way to go in my eyes so to know you like what I put together, that is really awesome. I like to think I work hard on my photography and it is what I spend the majority of my time on. 
For months now I have been thinking about what I can do to really share my knowledge of photography,  in a simple way and a way for you guys to get all the answers to your questions without it becoming an information overload. This is why I thought I would put together a small series. Once a week, for the next two months or so, I will be adding posts to this series. Read on to find out what you can expect to learn.

Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove reveals her top Photography tips.
Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove reveals her top Photography tips.
Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove reveals her top Photography tips.
Before we get stuck in, I cannot really begin this post without thanking the person who taught me everything I know about photography. Scott Ninness. Without Scott, I would not have a clue how to even hold a “posh camera” nevermind turn one on. My first DSLR was a Nikon, one of Scott’s spare cameras, and I absolutely loved getting to know how to use it. Scott taught me the basics, but a lot of what I know has come from making lots of mistakes and accidentally getting nice shots. Once I got the hang of taking an actual photo, Scott then taught me the best bit, how to edit. There are so many tools when editing your photos and Scott showed me how to get to grips with a few of the main ones – all of which are  what I mainly use in my “editing routine”.  Please bare in mind that my background before I was a make-up artist was in Graphic Design, so Photoshop is second nature to me.
Thank you Scott. 
Check out Scott’s work here and feel free to pester him on Twitter, but don’t tell him I sent you….
Right, let’s get stuck in shall we.
So I am going to be revealing everything from the equipment I use, including recommendations and starter kits, to the specific tools I use in Photoshop. I will even share with you the settings I have my camera on whether it be rain or shine. I will walk you through my editing routine, not just for my products, but for my face too. Each week, on a Monday, a new post will be set live and following this I will be running a Twitter chat between 8-9pm using the hash tag: #newlovesphotos. You will be able to ask me anything you want in relation to the subject of that post.
Coming up in the series…
 006 Lighting! The Basics & Top Tips
 007 My Favourite Photoshop Editing Tools
 008 Backgrounds & Props
 009 How to Take a Perfect Selfie & Edit it!
 010 Top Five Editing Tips To Get The Best Out of Your Photos
  011 Beauty Photography Inspiration & How To Get Inspired!
Most importantly, I want this series to HELP you. Therefore, please leave in the comments all your budding photography questions, you can ask me anything, and I will ensure to include it in my series.  Tell me what you are looking forward to the most from this series!
Last but not least, I will be offering a new service. 
If you wish for me to edit your blog photos then please email me [email protected] for more information.
Until next time….