Sunday Musings | Why do YOU wear Make-up?

Sunday Musings | Why do YOU wear Make-up?
Sunday Musings | Why do YOU wear Make-up?

I often ask myself the question Why do YOU wear Make-up? I spend a good 30 minutes each day applying products to my face, and then every evening I will then wash it all off. I do wonder how many hours of my life I  have spent so far, applying make-up? What is it all for?
I have touched base with this before in previous posts such as Dare to Bare and Project Bare All. Discussing my personal reasons as to why I choose to wear make-up. However, what about those days where I don’t wish to wear any make-up at all? Recently, I  have picked up on remarks from friends and family that have been made when I have gone bare faced. 
“Put your face on, it will make you feel better.”
But doesn’t my naked face make me feel okay anyway? Why should I need an outer layer of beauty products to suddenly feel good about myself?
“You won’t want to go in there without your make-up on.”
My boyfriend came out with this one. Hi Scott. I was stood in the back kitchen of his mum’s restaurant and we were deciding whether to sit in the restaurant and eat. There were other people in the restaurant and so he came out with the above line. Now Scott did not mean to insult me at all, and he didn’t. It just made me realise that wearing make-up has become so expected of us, to feel comfortable in public places. No doubt, had I walked into a room full of people dining, they would have been instantly been put off their meals. I don’t think so. It is this fear we build within ourselves. Does anyone really care?
My mother does
“You look tired. You need to make more of an effort.” 
My mum, I love her to pieces, and happens to be one of the most glamorous and inspiring ladies I know. My mother is a lady that will not even go to the hospital without her best coat and a full face of make-up. My mum believes if you dress better and “make an effort” all round with our appearance, then we will automatically feel a little bit better. Sugar coating.
Me and my younger sister, Amy, laugh at this. Sometimes we don’t want to put our make-up on. Why is it such a big deal if we make the choice not to wear it? We are still the same people underneath.
Are we not attractive without it? Sorry, does my face repulse you? Do I not fit in? Am I not me? 
We are bombarded with images of beautiful people, with blemish free skin, sculpted cheek bones and brows that are on fleek. What even is that word? Selfie is another word I hear numerous times a day. I am guilty of taking a good 20 photographs of myself before uploading the one which I think is the best. I did it for this post. When did we all become so vain? Why did our appearance become so important? Working in the beauty industry I get so wrapped up in this way of thinking, of needing to look a certain way, it can sometimes be draining.  It has a real false feel to it you know? Hence these ramblings today. 
We all strive for that perfect, glowy radiant skin, whether this be with make-up and/or skincare. We constantly try to better ourselves. Have you ever stopped for a second and thought, you know what, I am happy with the way I am, and that is just fine. 
Whether you wear make-up as a uniform, to fit in, for social acceptance, to please your mother, brother, sister, boyfriend. Just remember it is absolutely more than fine, if you want to, to wear nothing at all.
Why do you guys wear make-up?