Sunday Musings | Putting Too Much Pressure On Ourselves

A lifestyle sunday musings blog post about how we put too much pressure on ourselves
A lifestyle sunday musings blog post about how we put too much pressure on ourselves
A lifestyle sunday musings blog post about how we put too much pressure on ourselves
Here we are, Sunday again. This is most probably my favourite day of the week, especially in Autumn. I plan to eat lots of cake and watch as many movies as humanely possible on Netflix. What are you rascals up to?
Now then, onto the topic of today’s post. If you read last week’s Sunday Musings (catch up here) you will know I am changing my lifestyle so that I can love myself, my mind and my body in a much better and healthier way. So far, so good a week on...
I started to question the reasoning for my little meltdown, and it all topples down to: Pressure. 
How much pressure do you put on yourself? Like, on a daily basis?
How often do you beat yourself up for not having done something or reached a goal yet?
You know what folks, every single one of us puts a big lump of pressure on our shoulders and it is just not necessary. We form this imaginary picture of how things should be at a certain age or point in life, and if it is not quite perfect we beat ourselves up and set ourselves unrealistic challenges – making us poorly and stressed. 
Ok. So I am 25. I wanted to be engaged, possibly even married by now. With a mortgage. Baby plans. A dog called Steve. I wanted to own all of Habitat and have a wardrobe head to toe full of Kos and One Teaspoon. I wanted my own business. radaa rada radaaaaa…..
You get the point?
Where am I? I am far from being engaged that’s for sure, I definitely do not have a mortgage but instead ridiculously expensive rent and bills. No baby plans (checks belly) Nope definitely no baby in there. It saddens me so much that I do not have a dog called Steve. My wardrobe sucks. I have this blog, but no business as such, and I work for a great company.
I AM HAPPY. Do I really actually care that I haven’t reached all those goals yet? I used to, oh my gosh did I get myself upset about it all. Right now, I am fine with not reaching those goals, and I am sure my future will home them well. So far, everything that has happened in my life, all the ups and tragic downs, has happened for a reason. I trust, that where I am right now, is exactly where I am meant to be. And I’m okay with that.
So guys, take a step back and a deep breathe. 
We have so much ahead of us, slow down and enjoy it. Stop rushing and waving your arms around. 
Enjoy planning. Enjoy setting those goals. Do not however, feel like if you haven’t reached them that it is the end of the world. 
Because Imma tell you a secret, it’s not. Life goes on. LIVE IT.