Sunday Musings | Going Green, Why?

Sunday Musings Going Green, Why?
Today I thought I would talk about a topic that I have become very passionate about recently, Going Green. If you read my blog regularly you would have seen me toying with this subject in my most recent posts, and I thought it was important I explain to you guys properly what I mean by this. 
In short, Going Green, means I will be focusing on a healthier, plant based lifestyle – not just in terms of what I eat, but right across the board. 
Where did this notion come from and why now?
A good few years ago, my friend Anthony came to stay with me in Mallorca. In this time, he introduced me to yoga, meditation and juicing, as well as the concept of a raw, vegan diet. He had such a positive impact on me during that time, it is still to this day one of the most important experiences I have had. I took elements of what he taught me and started to introduce them to my daily life. I kept this up for a few months, but then in typical Zoe style, I soon went back to eating boxes of twenty chicken nuggets, doing zero exercise and really not looking after my body. I felt ill, suffered from migraines and had no energy. My skin looked dull and my eyes had lost their sparkle.
How did I get back on track?
Again, this is all down to Anthony. Last year he started to simply write little comments underneath my Facebook photos if I were to post something unhealthy to my page. It was clear he was watching over me and he could see that I had pushed aside what he taught me all that time ago in Mallorca. Giving me book recommendations, sending me YouTube links and showing me a great deal of patience he plowed a lot of his energy into showing me the importance of looking after ourselves.
So, back to what Going Green means to me.
It means that I will be eating a solely plant based diet. I have been vegetarian for a year but this year I plan to cut out all dairy – not just milk. Eggs too. I will be learning how to have a raw, vegan diet. 
It means I will be exercising every single day. Be it skipping, yoga, going for a walk. 
Meditation and Mindfulness. These two things have much a part to play in Going Green as does my diet. 
Expanding my knowledge plays a huge part in this change. I want to add to my book collection, books that will be of importance to me, not just because they are on the best seller list. Topics such as medicinal herbs, naturopathy and self healing all fascinate me. If I don’t start reading them now, then when? 
How does this relate to my Beauty Blog?
Two words: Bad ingredients. In our make-up bags, sat on our bathroom cabinet shelves or even on your dressing room table, I bet you would be surprised to see just how many toxic chemicals are having a party. Remember  your skin is your biggest and most vital organ, what we put onto our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream and becomes a part of us. Do you really want all those nasties inside you? 
From now on, I will be introducing more organic and natural products to this blog. Expect to see posts including brands that you may never have heard of before, or just simply DIY Natural recipes. I will be visiting and reviewing vegan cafes and restaurants. Attending yoga classes and reporting back on my experience, and of course sharing with you my latest favourite juice recipe. 
This is a learning curve for me, yes I will still use my MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Fling, but the day I find a suitable alternative, I will say bye bye to my dear friend. Over these next few months I will be clearing out my cupboards and boxes and getting rid of anything that is not green friendly. I have already replaced my food cupboards with Kilner jars full of seeds, pulses and nuts. Stashed away are my vegan superfood supplements. Even my cleaning cupboard has had a make over and in there is only plant based products and essential oils. 
Just to make it clear, I am not going exclusively green immediately as this would not be a true reflection of where I am on this journey right now, see it as me embracing mother nature. Financially I cannot afford to switch every single product in my make-up bag to something organic, and I am still new to all of this, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start in picking up all these new organic make-up products. 


If you want to learn more about the importance of plant based, vegan diets, juicing or simply just being the best version of yourself, please check out my friend Anthony and his girlfriend Gina’s page: Rainbow City. These guys are truly inspirational and I have so much love for them, I know they would appreciate you stopping by. 
Another person, who has been giving me constant wonderful advise, is Amber. Amber is a green blogger and she runs the #GreenChat over on Twitter, Sundays at 8pm. I stumbled across her blog randomly on Bloglovin’ one day and I sent her an email asking for her advice on ingredients, brands and more. She is so knowledgeable and more importantly, she is happy to help. So thank you Amber and I am sorry for being such a pest. Check Amber’s blog out here. 
I am so excited to see where this new out look takes me and my blog. I am just going to take each day as it comes and I hope you guys will enjoy watching this blog grow, slowly but surely getting greener along the way.