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Beauty blogger Zoe Newlove reviews luxury natural skincare line Codage. Beauty blogger Zoe Newlove reviews luxury natural skincare line Codage.
Beauty blogger Zoe Newlove reviews luxury natural skincare line Codage.
Beauty blogger Zoe Newlove reviews luxury natural skincare line Codage.

Codage? Who are Codage? I had absolutely no idea who this brand was and was rather intrigued to test out their rather expensive offerings. I kindly received a handful of travel size products to test out, and seeing as I am in London all of this week, rather than carry my entire skincare routine, I thought I would put these products to the test. 
Two words. French pharmacy. You just know that any skincare born from the world of French pharmaceuticals is going to be great. I am yet to be disappointed from any brand from this part of the world. A brother and sister, both who grew up immersed in a family of medicine, decided early on that skin was unique. With an ever saturated world of cosmetics, they wanted to create a brand that focused on not only the aesthetics but health and well being too. Codage embodies traditional service in that each person is different, and their skin is different, so the products need to be tailored to provide the needs for each individual in mind rather than a generalised target group. And yes if you are wondering, this skincare is only full of clean and safe, natural active high quality ingredients, and there is no testing on animals.

Each beauty is unique.Each deserves it’s own formula,it’s solution,it’s codage. 

I really do love a micellar water, and the Codage Purifying Micellar Water is amazing. It not only cleanses the skin, removing all of the dirt and impurities, but it stimulates the skin the skin too, helping it to regenerate it’s natural defenses. My skin felt wonderful after using it. It is a tad more expensive than what I would usually spend on a micellar water, falling in at £23 but it is worth it I have to say.
Onto my favourite part of skincare, the serums. Now, this is why I have fallen in love with Codage: they have SO many serums for so many skin needs. And, the best bit, the serums are freshly made to each order. Now I have a really busy week, and even just three days in I am feeling extremely tired. As I write this, I have a really bad headache and feel like I could sleep for a month – my skin however – looks goddess like. This is because I have been using the Radiance & Energy serum, so even though I feel like I am tired, my skin tells another story. The texture of this serum is so light and it is a dream to apply to the skin. I definitely will be buying a full size bottle of this as I imagine my little bottle will soon run out at the rate I am using it. For 30ml expect to pay around the £70 mark – ouch. The other serum I have been using is the Intense Moisturising Serum, perfect for my incredibly dehydrated skin and good for those of you with dry skin. I like to use this one as part of my evening routine. 
Moisturisers are something that never excite me, so when a good one comes along, you guys know about it. The Codage Day cream is…. a baby unicorn wrapped up in glitter good. As I have dehydrated skin, I struggle to find a moisturiser that hydrates me, but also prevents my t-zone from becoming an oily pit of doom. This day cream, feels incredibly light, but I can see instantly my skin just loves it. It is a wonderful base for foundation too. A perfect companion for those in London as it has an anti-pollution filter and is packed with antioxidants to truly protect your skin. Today, I was told my skin is “glowing”. Last time I checked I am definitely not pregnant, so it is down to this bad boy. 
The Codage Night Cream is just as delightful, a touch heavier in formulation, but still feels lovely on the skin. I really do not like  night creams that you can still feel on your skin hours later. I basically woke up looking like a twelve year old girl, three days in, and my skin is thanking me for my new routine additions. The main focus of this cream is to stimulate cell regeneration thus plumping your skin and zapping away those wrinkles. 
I am totally sold. The end. 
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