Labels, Letting Go of Them & Having Body Confidence.

zoe newlove letting go of labels almond blossoms ibiza body confidence

I’m not too skinny. I am Zoe. I am not one of your labels, no. I am me. You are not just your size, skin colour, height, or shape. You are so much more than that. Being defined by anything other than your whole self, is allowing yourself to be kept in the dark. Shine your light. Embrace your inner goddess. Love yourself completely and entirely as you are, because being YOU is more than enough.

Every single week I get told I do not eat enough, that I must do this in order to look like that, etc. Especially since joining a gym here in Ibiza. I practically get told on a daily basis to eat a steak. For the record I do not eat meat.

I mean, isn’t it 2018? Are we really still labelling each other? 

Please stop.

This post is not going to be a rant about how it upsets me or how fed up I am. This is a post where I am LETTING GO. Letting go of every single label you give to me. I no longer care. I am Zoe Newlove. I am happy with how I look. Happy entirely with who I am. Tall, pale as a ghost, absolutely no boobs whatsoever, and yes, I am very thin. I have been this way since I hit puberty, even before that. I shot up just like a giraffe and my metabolism never slowed down. And, you know, I am okay with that. Yes, I would like to put a little more weight on, but for me, not for anyone else.

This skinny body, or however you see me, is healthy and strong. I eat like a horse and always have my 5 a day. Again, I am not here to justify my health or diet. My crazy long legs carry me from A to B and I may look like I could snap in the wind, but this body is more powerful than you take it for. I never aspired to look this way, I was born with these genetics and I am grateful for that.

zoe newlove letting go of labels almond blossoms ibiza body confidence zoe newlove letting go of labels almond blossoms ibiza body confidence

The initial idea I had for this shoot was actually to be butt naked.

I had read my beautiful friend’s post, Body Confidence & Getting Naked by Megan from Wonderful You, and it really inspired me. You know a post really resonates with you when you still think of it from time to time. Well, I wanted to do a Megan. Strip my clothes off and get naked in a field of Almond Blossom Trees. Well, Megan love, I salute you  because when it came to it, I frankly did not have the balls to get naked and show the internet. I chickened out.

However which way you want to show the world, that you do not wish for a label, whether that be whipping your clothes off and smiling and laughing with every inch of skin, or simply just doing you. It doesn’t matter. JUST DO YOU.

zoe newlove letting go of labels almond blossoms ibiza body confidence

Being happy and healthy in your own skin is without a doubt the most empowering feeling.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but your words will never hurt me.

Having this confidence in myself, finally, at the age of 28 is a God given blessing. I still feel shy and get nervous sometimes, and that is okay, I think I will always be that way. It’s the way I was built.

Like I said, we are more than our appearances. We are our emotions, our dreams, our morals, our arguments, and our flaws. Over the past six months I really have delved inside and realised that to feel completely happy and whole, I need to accept and be confident with every part of me, even the parts that need a lot of work. And trust me, I have a lot to work on.

Ultimately, I am happy. That’s the message I wanted to portray today. No matter what you look like, please remember there is only one you and not one person can take that away from you. Own yourself and your happiness entirely. It is mind blowing when you really stop giving a f*ck.

zoe newlove letting go of labels almond blossoms ibiza body confidence

Let go of the labels.


P.S If you are struggling with your relationship with your body then I can highly recommend following Mel Wells and reading her book The Goddess Revolution. She is an absolute diamond.