Kiko Cosmetics: A Review

Good evening lovelies!
I thought I would introduce you to the gorgeous make-up range I recently fell in love with over in Mallorca. Kiko Cosmetics! 
I had an editorial shoot coming up with a few of my model friends, and wanted to play with some new make-up. I was out shopping and came by this make-up store. Unfortunately, I speak very little Spanish, so the poor assistant and I could not hold a very eventful conversation whilst I was in there, but she was very helpful considering the language barrier.
Kiko Cosmetics, if you have not heard of this brand before hand, is an Italian professional make-up range. I love the fact that this brand is all about new cutting edge technology and the latest fashion trends. I have only a small selection of make-up to introduce you to, but Kiko offer a huuuge variety of products for all different skin types, boasting a massive array of colours, tones and textures.
This really is a luxury brand, but the most amazing news is: IT IS REALLY CHEAP! Ok, so its not as cheap as MUA Cosmetics, but all of the products I bought were really good value for money and this goes for the entire range. I was very, very impressed by this brand. I will most definitely be making more purchases in the near future. The products are great for every budget!
 You can order these products online if you are worried about having to go to Mallorca to get your hands on them. Unfortunately, I think the only store in the UK is Westfields in London.
Onto the review 🙂 Warning – there are a LOT of products here….. so expect to scroll.




I bought two packs of these lashes, I am forever picking up new ones to try out and I thought these looked really glamorous. I have worn them recently and I must say the quality is superb. I would definitely compare the quality to M.A.C Cosmetics lashes.
From left to right: Gold Beige and Gold


These eyeshadows are beautiful. I love the simplicity of the packaging and what really caught my eye was the texture and colours. I am a real eye shadow fiend forever picking new ones up to play with. I just had to have these.
These baked, silk effect eyeshadows have brilliant pigmentation and are so easy to blend.
I bought shades Gold Beige Special FX and Gold Special FX. The pigment of these eyeshadows is so rich and illuminating, and they contain pearl like pieces giving that special effects texture. You can use them wet or dry depending on how intense you want the colour.
If you have sensitive eyes these eyeshadows are great for you and there are 36 colour varieties to choose from.
They are very similar to the Laura Mercier Baked eyeshadows if you were to want something to compare them to – the price is a lot cheaper but the quality is exactly the same!


From left to right: Grapefruit Pink, Aquamarine & Light Gold
Ok, these were by far my favourite purchase from Kiko Cosmetics. In fact they were the first things I was drawn to within the store. There are 32 available shades, and they are all just yummy. What intrigued me was the design of the eyeshadow itself within the packaging. I have since done a little bit of research and found out that in fact these eyeshadows are ergonomically designed to facilitate product uptake, guaranteeing quick and easy pick up with your brushes and fingers!
I did the swatch test, and barely had to touch the powder. The colour of the eyeshadow is instant. I have used no primer underneath in any of these photographs. What you see is the raw product. I remember swatching this in store, and then walking round for the rest of the day and to my delight the eyeshadow did not budge. The coverage for an eyeshadow is fab, with some brands you find that you have to layer it up to get the really strong pigment to stand out but with these layering is really not necessary.
They have a really soft and creamy texture, and I just love how luminous the shades are giving you that gorgeous multi-dimensional effect. They remind me of the Extra Dimension eyeshadows by M.A.C Cosmetics actually. I have blogged about these here if you would like to see a comparison to a brand you already know of.
I cannot wait to buy the rest of the colours.
This is a mineral formula bronzer in the shade Terracotta. I did not realise how awful the swatch was until I uploaded it onto here, it in fact looks a lot lighter than that – I will be putting up another post showing you how I used these products on a shoot and you will see clearly the shade of this bronzer.
I was after a simple matte bronzer and got exactly that with this product. Four shades available, simple packaging and they blend with great ease.

Ok I really am not a huge fan of lip gloss fan personally. I hardly ever wear it. I did not have any intention of using this myself and in fact this was solely for my kit. BUT! And this is a big but, having tried and tested it on myself for this review, I was so happy to wear it. Absolutely ZERO stickiness, glides on effortlessly and is so, so soft and creamy – which I have never experienced from a lip gloss. It does not feel like a gloss at all, I cannot explain it – ok so I have to try for the purpose of this post – think of your favourite lip balm melted down to a runny gloss texture and that is exactly how it feels.

This lip gloss promises to volumise and plump your lips as well as ensuring they are being moisturised all at the same time. I wore this for a few hours and there was no drying effect – now, my lips are SO dry at the moment – they actually felt better after removing this product.
There are 21 shades available, the shade I bought is Fire red. As you can see from the pictures its a really pretty, bright red and I adore it. I actually want to go back and buy one for my personal make-up bag. Who would have thought I would have converted to loving a lip gloss?
This is not a colour I would ever wear, again this product was purchased for my professional kit. It really does not suit my complexion – my very pale complexion – but the texture was lovely, really creamy and soft.
I went onto the website, and there is a special offer on this type of lipstick which is why it is down to only £3.00. However, the website also states there are 10 shades available, yet there is only 1 colour (not this one) in the drop down list. So this makes me think they might be discontinuing this particular type of lipstick (they have lots of types of lipsticks available) or maybe reformulating it like some brands often do. Annoying really if you like this colour. Sorry guys!


 Go to the website NOW! There is a special discount on of 45% off at the moment! This offer was running in store which is why I picked up these three mascaras – as a make-up artist you can never have enough mascara in  your kit.
Luscious Lashes Mascara £7.20 (with discount £3.90)
Great if you like really thick heavy mascara – I did not like the brush but I did like the thickness of the mascara itself. I find you need to use a disposable mascara brush to really neaten this mascara up as it has a habit of clumping, then again I am really impatient with mascara so I am probably applying it with brute force and making a mess.
It is really good for giving you volume, work it right into the root.
Ultra Tech Curve Mascara £7.20 (with discount £3.90)
I really like this mascara, especially for the price. Its not ever going to be in my favourite mascara list (YSL and Dior always tick every box) but you cannot really complain for such a good price. It efficiently curls the lashes from root to tip and no clumping whatsoever. I loved the brush, I found it really easy to work with and separated the lashes well.
Ultra Tech Mascara £7.20 (with discount £3.90)
A simple, volumising mascara. I really like the brush on this one too, as it has short bristles so on application  your lashes are evenly separated and really defined. I used this on myself and found my lashes looked fuller and longer so I was really pleased.
This product gets the nod. I was really impressed (shock) with the staying power in particular, it promises an “8 hour no-transfer performance”. It definitely stayed on for 8 hours with very, very little creasing. I bought the shade Nile Green, a gorgeous aqua blue colour, but there are 20 shades available to choose from.
This product is water resistant – tried and tested in a pool in Mallorca during a shoot – really blendable, and sets without a single smudge.
The design of this eyeshadow means application is very easy.
Apply directly to the lash line for a bright and modern take on the traditional smokey liner effect or all over the lid for higher impact.
A product that you may want to compare this to would be the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Colour – note the price difference. Once again shows how fabulous this brand is in terms of what you get for your money.
Shade 2
Shade 3
Lovely product for filling in and shaping the brows. I had never used a “felt tip” style brow enhancer before, as I am quite content using pencils and powders, but fancied trying these marker pens out.
I bought Shade 2 and 3. Shade 2 is suitable for Chestnut and Blondes. Shade 3 is suitable for Strawberry blondes and Redheads.
I did a little research on this to see if there was anything more to this product other than being a felt tip pen for your eyebrows. I was surprised to find out that these Eyebrow Markers actually contain Ginseng extract and Vitamin B5 – these ingredients help slow down the aging process of the skin and the hair bulbs.
Oh, and don’t worry about smudging – this stuff simply does not budge.


 Luscious Cream Lipstick £6.90


 I am in fact still wearing this lipstick from when I took the swatch photographs earlier on this afternoon. I just LOVE the colour. I bought shade Sensual Red, there are 24 other colours available, but I do love a good red lippy! Now this lipstick has an “exclusive” design. When they say exclusive, what they actually mean is you are left looking at thinking how on earth do I get this thing open. I was confused for a good 5 minutes. Don’t laugh, I really had no idea. You have to push the silver thing down and out pops the lipstick. It may look good, for people with locks of blonde hair like me, no this design just does not do it for me.
When you eventually get into this lipstick, you will find it has a gorgeous soft, comfortable texture. The finish of the lipstick is satin smooth and richly pigmented.
Added bonus – contains active ingredients which stimulate production of collagen!
I bought two shades from the vast collection of colours – 145 in total! Wowzers I know! Black and Dark Violet were added to my basket.
I have tried lots of nail varnishes, and I am here to tell you now you will LOVE these.
In the pictures you can see these are super shiny gorgeous shades, and I only used ONE coat. They dry super fast – this is great news for me as I get so impatient doing my nails that I am guaranteed every time to smudge them. This range is now my Go-to nail varnish as I was just so impressed with the quality.
Two models I was working with used the Dark Violet shade before I did (its actually more of a brown but anyway) and all day long they kept going on about how happy they were with their nails.
These nail varnishes have a gel texture and the application is so easy, the polish just glides on effortlessly. They have been formulated to give a hardening and strenghtening action too.
Just simply awesome.


I was after a mattifying, pore minimising primer – which this brand actually do have on the website – but in store they did not stock this product. So the lovely Spanish lady, really tried her best with me, and insisted I tried this moisturiser. I thought why not? Bought it anyway as I can never have enough skincare in my kit right?
This cream promises to reduce blemishes over time and help with the signs of aging. I found it really did even out my complexion and my pores looked less noticeable. This cream is also designed to balance sebum production which is great if you have combination skin like mine!
I was really happy with this cream, and having just ran out of my usual Dermalogica Active Moist, I will most likely use this until I replace it – this says a lot for this product as I am incredibly fussy with what I put on my skin.
I do hope this helped to give my readers an insight to a different make-up brand. If you do go and buy any of the products I have talked about, or even try something totally different from the range please let me know as I would love to have your feedback.
I will be posting looks I created for my latest editorial work using these products so watch this space!
See you soon,