Fresh On The Skincare Shelf


I am always trying out new skincare and this is something that I could never get bored of. I love discovering new brands and playing with old favourites, and learning about new ingredient combinations and textures.  Today I wanted to share with you a selection of products that I have been swapping in and out of my skincare routine, from face masks to toners to a new cleanser, there is a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.

A new brand entirely to me, Inlight Organics, have some lovely products in lovely blue packaging. The Floral Face Tonic is alcohol free and feels really soothing when applied with a cotton pad to the skin. I just love the ingredients: rose, chamomile and lavender; packed full of goodness. I have found it has really helped calm my blemishes too. Their Super Food Face Mask is an absolute treat, and is great for all skin types. I am so annoyed at myself for not bringing this out to Ibiza as it is really ideal for helping sun damaged skin. Full of anti oxidants, fatty acids, vitamin e and fabulous ingredients such as spirulina, rose seed oil and carrot root, this really is a detox for your face. I cannot stress how much I have enjoyed using this. I noticed they also have a Chocolate Face mask which I am dying to try out next.


Possibly my favourite new product out of this bunch, and one that I have already nearly ran out of is my Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub. This smells unreal and feels so soft and gentle considering it is exfoliating your skin. It contains aloe vera, walnut powder, chamomile and Korean ginseng. I love the tube packaging as it makes it so easy to throw into my skincare bag and is as easy to use as your morning tooth paste. My skin always feels super soft after using this and I can definitely see this being a staple in my skincare routine for a while.


Hello Origins Skin Optimising Mask Primer. I was not sure if this was actually one of those products that had been created for the sake of creating a product – would I ever actually use it and how much would it really benefit my skin from using it? Well considering I am a total Origins fan anyway, and that I am addicted to doing at least one face mask a week, I can safely say that this does actually work. So let me talk you through the process. Usually before I do a mask I will double cleanse my skin and then pat it dry before applying my mask of choice. Even before I apply the mask my skin is usually slightly tight leading me to tone, apply a serum and then a moisturizer. The priming mist helps to soften and hydrate your skin, erasing that uncomfortable period in between cleansing and applying your mask. I have also discovered that it is great for soothing sun burn – it just makes my skin feel so much better instantly. If you are a face mask lover, and a skin care addict like myself then you will see the need for this.


Last but never least, is this toner from Lush, Breath of Fresh Air. The sea breeze in a bottle? If you know me well you know that my ultimate dream is to live in a home by the ocean, so if I can use a product that whisks me straight to the beach in a spritz – and cheers my skin up too – then you are onto an instant winner. I find it super refreshing and another good toner to help calm any redness.


What skincare have you guys been trying? Any newbies that I need to try?