Fragrance Fun

Last week I flew back to Mallorca!
Whilst at the airport, I was charged a whopping £55 for being over my weight allowance! So, I decided to cheer myself up by purchasing not one, but two, new perfumes. 
I usually only wear Tom Ford Black Orchid, which I have in fact unfortunately ran out of, but the airport did not stock this fragrance. So, what followed was a perfume spraying massacre!
The result? I came close to suffocating on the self inflicted fumes, and walked away with two fabulous beauties. 
First off, may I introduce you to YSL Manifesto, the latest bottle added to the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance collection (see above picture).
It smells delicious, which you would expect from a perfume being described by YSL to be an attitude, a burst of laughter, a tone of voice, a presence.
The Notes
Top: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Green notes and Cassis
Heart: Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley
Base: Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Tonka Bean  
On the first spritz there was an overwhelming fruity sensation, this is thanks to the Blackcurrant buds. I wasn’t keen at first, but then as it settles down, you start to pick up the other notes: the jasmine and the lily. A much more floral scent. It is quite a quirky combination, and as it settles even more the vanilla really does start to shine. I couldn’t really smell the sandalwood base note as the other notes are rather overpowering in comparison. 
This is totally different to what I would usually wear, but I just love it. I would wear this as an evening perfume as it is such a strong fragrance. 
Packaging? The design of perfume bottles is the decider for me, I may love the smell, but even if the bottle is not just right, I won’t buy it. It has to look right on my dressing table, no? I love this bottle, very chic with a splash of glamour. 
How would I describe this perfume?
Fun and classy – yes, at the same time 🙂
Manifesto is available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml Eau de Parfum with prices
ranging from £44-£85. Matching body products are also available.
The second perfume I purchased, Couture Couture by Juicy Couture. 
Ok, I would never, ever have bought this myself – I just would never have thought to even smell a Juicy Couture perfume. However, when I lived in London, my room mate worked a promotional job for the launch of this perfume and as he,being a guy and all, didn’t fancy keeping his hands on the bottle he was given, he gave me the cheeky fragrance.
I absolutely loved it! It is an oriental floral fragrance, and even though it may not look like a classy perfume but I promise you, the smell is just divine. 
I received so many compliments travelling around London whilst wearing this perfume, it is again, quite quirky, a little bit different. I think that is what draws me to a perfume. The smell has to stand out, I don’t really like buying a fragance just because it may be “trendy” at the time. 
I thought it was about time to make a repurchase. 
The Notes
Top: Mandarin orange, African orange flower and grapefruit
Heart: Jasmine, honeysuckle and plum
Base: amber,
vanilla and sandalwood.
This is such a feminine fragrance, and not at all overpowering. Floral but with a powdery undertone. 
It settles so lovely into the skin, the oriental notes really make this perfume something special. 
Packaging? Ok, so it’s not without a little bit of tack, but I quite enjoy this packaging. I love the intricate bottle top and the “necklace” ribbon. It’s a perfume that is designed to be girly and this packaging just fits perfectly. 
I would wear this during the day, but it is a great day-night perfume.
 50ml – £45.50 100ml- £61.50
There you have it, two delectable perfumes in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed this little post guys. 
See you soon,