Five Reasons You Need To Book in a Regular Facial

We all get our nails done, our hair done, hit the gym on a regular basis, right? Yet how many of you book in for a regular facial? It is something that I really believe to be as important as getting my brows threaded. The first sign of aging hits our skin, and boy oh boy I do not want to look old. Wrinkles are just not for me. I am in total denial that some day of course I will have to welcome them with open arms.

Not that long ago, I went for the most amazing facial and it reminded me that I need to make having a facial as regular as I get my hair done (every 5-6 weeks). Let’s first discuss the treatment I had. Say hello to the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial.

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Resurfacing Facial is a “results-led clinical treatment designed to resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal”. The treatment itself is made up of different parts, mainly two professional treatment masks, combined with skin specific is Clinical products to optimise your results. First of all, the “Fire” part of the treatment is added to freshly cleansed skin. It is an acid based treatment that makes your skin feel SUPER TINGLY like it is on fire. Yes it is slightly uncomfortable at first, but then it passes. This is then removed and afterwards, the most incredible soothing hydrating “Ice” mask is applied. This is super cooling and calming. This kind of treatment is designed to bridge the gap between a mild facial and an invasive peel – with no down time afterwards you can go straight back to work or enjoy the rest of your day as normal. My skin honestly, HONESTLY, looked beautiful after this treatment. I had no redness. I was simply radiant and it just got better and better throughout the day. By far one of my  most favourite treatments to date. I’m not alone, celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Rosie HW are huge fans too.

So, if you’re still not sold, here are FIVE reasons why you should most definitely have a regular facial:

Stress Relief

I find any form of beauty treatment to be therapeutic, but there is something about someone cleansing my skin for me and giving this area some TLC, that just has more of an edge to getting my nails done. I instantly feel calm. I also feel happy within myself for taking care of an area that is so important to me. Not all facials have to involve acid or clay masks, you could simply go for a nice hydrating and soothing treatment which would be incredibly relaxing. Facial massage can alleviate stress and reduce tension too. Any time out that you take to focus on yourself is always going to be beneficial.

Anti Ageing

I am yet to meet someone who has not at some point in their life worried about wrinkles and other signs of ageing. We go to the gym to exercise the muscles in our body, but there are muscles in our face too. Facial massage is a great way to get the blood flowing which increases collagen production and it also is great to improve the tone and tighten the muscles in this area. There are treatments that involve glycolic acid and microdermabrasion and both of these will help to keep the skin looking youthful. You can of course get products now at home which embody these ingredients and formulas, but every now and then you should seek the advice of a professional and get an up to date skin analysis.

Pore Extraction

This is the BEST bit of facials. See, if like me, you have a lot of open pores that get blocked (white/black heads), squeezing in front of your bathroom mirror is just not going to cut it. In fact, it will most likely make your skin worse. Towards the end of your facial, pore extraction is the most effective way of ensuring your skin looks healthy and radiant. When this is done professionally, your skin will look clear for weeks – if you look after it with a decent skincare routine of course.

High Tech

I will be the first to admit some of the machines in salons scare me. Everything seems to be getting more like what you see in a sci fi movie. LED zapping machines, derma rollers and gosh knows what else – these used in conjunction with your facial can give you instant results. I have personally had LED treatment for my blemish prone skin and it has helped zap away all the bacteria trapped within my pores and left me with clearer skin for longer.

Professional Advice

Of course, you can read as many beauty blogs as you want, including mine, but there will be no better advice than paying a professional a visit so they can physically see your skin and give you a detailed analysis. You might be using the entirely wrong products for your skin without even realising or benefit from using products with different ingredients in depending on what your skins needs are. A professional will always (hopefully) point you in the right direction.


What are your thoughts on facials? Yayyyyy love them or Nayyyy you think they are a complete waste of money?