The curling wand strikes again….

Ok. So I am not a hairdresser. 
“Basic Hair Styling” would be listed in my services offered as a make-up artist. 
I do however, try, really,really hard. 
A hairdresser would love hair itself, I think? Whereas I love the products and tools that make me look like I know what I am doing. 
The models that work with me often, will have noticed I cannot live without my TIGI Curling Wand. Seriously, this tool makes me look pretty good. If it ever broke, I think I would cry, without it I am NOTHING in the world of hair. 
We have been through a lot, burns and everything, me and Mr Wand. Quite recently, and yes I did get over-excited about this, the lovely Melissa Clarke let me curl her hair.
She hardly ever has her hair curled, in fact, I think she has only ever had it curled once before when it was short, but now her hair is longer she was quite happy to experiment with some beachy waves. 
You may have seen me work with Mel on a previous shoot which I blogged about HERE.

Rosie Tapner (Ford Models) has the most amazing cheekbones.
I saw this picture (see above) in the latest issue of Vogue and thought I would use it as inspiration for creating beachy curls for Mel.
Pre- Attack of the Curling Wand!

Post Curling Wand!

Behind the Scenes during the shoot on the beach

A little pink number!

Nice Hoops
Who agrees with me when I say Mel has a look of Jessie J/ Katy Perry?
There you have it, one of the professional images showing off Mel’s beautiful locks – see above! I really enjoyed going down to the beach to assist on the shoot. Bit of reflector work, a few lipgloss touch ups and a cheeky spot of sunbathing in between. It was worth getting sand in places where sand should never go I promise you.
I love this shot of Mel. I would even go as far to use the phrase of “That girl looks FIERCE!” – I have definitely watched far too many episodes of ANTM. (This camera puts my Blackberry phone camera to shame).
Let me know your thoughts on Mel’s hair, straight or wavy? I love both, but that’s only because I adore this girl and cannot choose either way. If you would like me to post a blog on how to create this hair style please leave your thoughts below in the comment box.
See you soon,