Colours In The World: Kiko Cosmetics Spring 2013

Kiko Cosmetics Spring Collection 2013 Colour Splash Multi-tone bronzer, Colour Explosion Multi Tone Blusher
After seeing the lovely Holly Arabella’s post on the new Kiko Cosmetics Spring Collection Colours In the World, I just knew I had to get my hands on some.
I decided to buy the Colour Splash Multi-tone Bronzer and one of the Colour Explosion Multi-tone blushers! I already have quite a few products from Kiko Cosmetics in my make-up kit (reviewed here) so I was really excited to try out these new products. 
Colour Splash Multi Tone Bronzer
Kiko Cosmetics Hilarious Honey Colour Splash Multi Tone Bronzer


First of all, I have to comment on the packaging. I really like it! It captures the mood of Spring perfectly, and I am indeed, a sucker, for pretty packaging. One thing I must say, DO NOT DROP IT, as I can tell you it will smash immediately. I dropped it on the floor after taking these photographs, and how it did not smash I do not know, but looking at it closely it had started to crack. Typical Newlove fashion breaking something before even using it. Enough about what it is wrapped up in, the product itself is fabulous. There are two bronzers in this limited edition collection, each containing three shades. You can use each shade separately or mixed together, entirely your preference. I chose Hilarious Honey.
Colour Splash Multi Tone Bronzer Hilarious Honey Beauty Swatch
The silky texture of this powder is beautiful and it goes on delightfully. I swept this around the contours of my face and instantly felt healthier. It gave a subtle tan to my face without looking like I’d been dragged across a make-up counter. I haven’t used a bronzer in such a long while as I love my contouring palettes, and I usually fear the “shimmer” in most bronzing powders cheapens your look. This bronzer is a winner in my eyes, and definitely a keeper in my personal make-up bag. My complexion became instantly radiant and I feel like I should go back and buy another one….you know just in case.
APPLICATION TIP: Sweep the bronzer in a “3” way action starting from your forehead/temples, down your cheekbone and sweeping along your jaw line. Take the bronzer lightly down your neck and the sides of your noses. Always making sure you are blending, blending, blending, we don’t want any orange streaks now do we. 


Kiko Cosmetics Spring Collection 2013 BlusherKiko Cosmeticss Colour Explosion Multi Tone Blush
Bold Coral Multi tone blush by Kiko Cosmetics


I haven’t experimented with new blushers for so long, I have lots of different ones in my kit, but for myself I usually just stick to either my usual M.A.C powder blush, or my Illamasqua Cream blush. I have been stuck in this blusher rut for so long that it was really exciting for me to treat myself to a new one. I seriously need to get out more don’t I? I chose Bold Coral from the four shades that are available. This blush is made up of three shades, I would describe them as a pinky brown, a coral pink and then the lightest is a delicate peach shade. I have swatched them below but the swatch really does not do the colour much justice.


The texture is very much like the bronzer, very silky and soft. I swept my brush across all three colours and applied it to the apple of my cheeks.
APPLICATION TIP: Sweep in a “C” action starting from the apple of your cheek and up your cheekbone back towards your eye. This creates a “lifting” effect and instantly brightens your face. Use one colour alone for a particular intensity.
You get a much better idea of the colour in this photograph above, it is in my eyes, the perfect shade to compliment Spring/Summer make-up looks.


Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger


I used this photo in my previous post, see below, so I really am milking the use out of it, but here I am wearing the bronzer and blusher and you can see that these products have really given me a much healthier complexion.
See you soon.