Bumble n Bumble Full Potential.

Bumble n Bumble Full Potential review by beauty blogger zoe newlove


I’m going to start this post off on a negative. Yes that’s right folks.
1. The packaging appeases both the female and male humans. 
1a. This means my boyfriend will be more than likely to steal it. 
1aa. He already steals enough of my hair products. 
It also has a super gorgeous, reviving scent that again does not put off any male human beans from using it. So the negative: I want the Bumble and Bumble Full Potential range all to myself and I do not wish to share it okay?
Bumble n Bumble Full Potential review by beauty blogger zoe newlove
Bumble n Bumble Full Potential review by beauty blogger zoe newlove


So you all know I love to style my hair. Whether it be braids, curls, or waves, a girl gotta get her doo on. I am all about volume and texture, I also colour my hair quite frequently. Taking good care of my hair is therefore a number one priority, and for my style to be on form, I need my hair to be at it’s full potential. 
Who loves cleaning out the hoover? Not me. Who loves cleaning out the shower drain? Ew hell no. ALL THAT HAIR. *I just threw up in my mouth* When your housemate asks if she can borrow your hair brush and you quickly have to remove the one thousand hair strands tangled around it first? Yeah, I do that too.
Hair falls out, and it gets everywhere. What if you could make your hair healthier and stronger, and have damage limitation on the amount that sheds from your mop?

For hair that is fuller, stronger and stays with you longer.

The shampoo contains menthol which invigorates the scalp, whilst creatine keeps it looking nice and healthy. It gets rid of any product build up and also has UV absorbers, great if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun. The conditioner is nice and lightweight so will not weigh your hair down, whilst promoting the elasticity of your hair thus strengthening it. The booster spray, you can use twice daily and this can be sprayed on wet or dry hair and just combed through. This makes you hair feel denser and also targets areas of breakage and reinforces it.
Overall I was seriously impressed with this new range from Bumble. I have been using it regularly and my hair does feel stronger. I just cannot  get enough of the tingling sensation, it makes me feel like my hair is cleaner than normal and helps to wake me up in a morning’.
Well done Bb team, well done.
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