Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off | The Review

A beauty blogger reviews Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off
A beauty blogger reviews Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off
a beauty blogger reviews Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off
Benefit Cosmetics latest launch is that of the Puff Off Instant Eye Gel*. As usual, the design and packaging is awesome. They never get it wrong. When I first received this, I didn’t really take note of the packaging as like an excited child on Christmas Day, I just wanted to see rip the box open. I took off the lid which was shortly followed by a huge smile: IT LOOKS LIKE AN IRON, THAT IS TOTALLY RAD.
I soon realised, that this was actually written all over the box, and felt a little silly for just how excited I had got. Who can blame me though? The idea is genius. Designed to iron out puffiness and creases, diffusing the appearance of fine lines, this is quite a nifty eye gel. On application it feels very cooling, which is always nice in the morning, it helps me to wake up. You can also apply this over make-up during the day to freshen up the eye area, so if like me, when the afternoon  hits, you start to feel a little sluggish, keep this on your desk for an instant pick me up. Some of you may find that this is not enough “hydration” and in this case, use it as a base to a richer eye cream. It absorbs straight into the skin so is the perfect primer to anything you wish to add on top. 
I need to let you in on a little secret, when your eyes are feeling really rubbish, try using a cooling mask on an evening, something like the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, and in the morning pop a little of this Benefit Puff Off onto the eye area. Da daaaaaa, your eye area will feel brand new. I am pausing from typing periodically just to stroke the skin around my eyes. Yup. 
This playful ironing tip, is not just a clever gimic, this gel genuinely works and having only used this a few times I have been really impressed. 
Available on the 31st January for £22.50.