I see myself as a free spirit. 

I love being by the sea, eating good food and expressing daily gratitude.

I work as both a social media manager & a make-up artist of sorts. My current home is the beautiful island of Ibiza, but my roots will always be from British soil.

Even though most of my time is spent growing social channels, and interacting with an online world, I also like to switch off.

Putting your phone down, stepping away from your laptop and twitching your toes in the grass, the sand and the water. That makes me happy. I love to swim and going on adventures. Just as much as I love to talk about skincare and my latest fragrance obsession.

I hope to write a book soon. Although, I am not quite sure what it will be yet. Let’s see what the future holds shall we.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy my little space on the web. You are always welcome.