Vision Boarding and Creating Goals for a New Year

Vision Boarding and Creating Goals for a New Year

Disclaimer: This post comes with zero pressure & zero f*cks given. I’m not here to preach about why you have to make goals and how if you fail to complete a single one of them, you suck at life, because. No.

For me, I have to empty my head, as I have mentioned many a time on this blog.

The ideas and dreams that float around my mind are best only once captured with pen on paper.

I carry so many different “career” hats – from being a make-up artist, a social media coach and blogger – it’s important to me that I consistently write down what my overall vision is and what it will take to get there. Or, I can easily get lost amidst it all.

Have you ever truly sat down and asked yourself what it is that you want?

Like, really want? Or are you happy just coasting? I have always had a rough plan, a loose idea of what makes me happy, but never before had I spent some time writing these dreams down, in great depth. I truly believe we can create any life that we wish for ourselves, we just have to put our mind to it. 

I took a little bit of time out to really narrow down my personal goals, covering all areas such as career and finance, relationships, self development, health and wellness to experiences.

Writing these down really helped me to focus and get excited for the future. From this I knew I had to create myself a vision board, so that each and every day I could reaffirm my goals and dreams simply by looking at a selection of photographs and inspirational words. I collected images over on Pinterest and then printed out the ones that really caught my attention.

I thought I would share some of my goals with you and give you an idea of how to best go about utilising a vision board.

Vision Boarding and Creating Goals for a New YearVision Boarding and Creating Goals for a New Year

The Goals

To be consistent with my Blog + YouTube… and by this I mean consistent on my OWN TERMS not on someone elses…

To improve my photography skills… I really want to take my photography to the next level and start working with people as well as my product photography.

To write an inspirational book… this is an ongoing project which I am slowly pulling together bit by bit, hopefully by the Summer I will have something worthy of publishing.

To be in a healthy, loving, long lasting STABLE relationship… no more drama Zoe. No more complications.

To have a loving relationship with myself… THIS.

To be more confident when speaking Spanish… If you didn’t know, I take lessons twice a week and I am hoping to be fluent before the end of the year. Te quiero.

and that’s just a small insight…

Vision Boarding and Creating Goals for a New Year

The Vision Board

Don’t just print off a bunch of pretty photos and stick them up. No. The photos you choose need to have meaning, and most importantly they need to help stimulate, trigger and motivate your mind when you are visualising what you want to attract into your life. Be specific. For me I want a life full of abundance, with a beautiful home and the freedom to travel. I have given myself 5 years to achieve all the things I visualise on this vision board, but I am not a tyrant. I will of course grow and evolve along this journey that is life, and therefore if my vision changes, I am not going to beat myself up over it.

Living somewhere with a sea view is something I have always dreamt of, and I want to take trips to Paris and Brazil this year.

So, of course, that’s what went up on the vision board. Photos of a dream car, yachts and lush bathrooms for me symbolise success and that’s what I want to achieve: Success and abundance. I have always dreamt big and never been shy about this fact. Some may tell you your dreams are unrealistic, not achievable and even worse, they may laugh. I shrug my shoulders and just tell them to keep watching from afar. Do not invite these people into your tribe, surround yourself with people that help you to excel and build you up. Go wild with your vision board, and get excited about creating a life that only you could dream of.

You don’t have to create a million goals for yourself, just create one.

Work towards one goal, and no matter how big or small that is, the sense of achievement and purpose you will feel from completing that one goal will be worth it all. We can all be dreamers. Just do you and at your own pace. If your goal is to just be happy, then my goodness you are already winning, because isn’t that what we are all really searching for?

I hope 2018 is your year.

All the love.