How To Make The Most of a Winter Season in Ibiza.

How To Make The Most of a Winter Season in Ibiza.

Ibiza has been my home now for the past two Summers. I fell in love with this island, just over 8 years ago, and I have always toyed with the idea of living here full time. A lot of people told me that I was crazy for even considering staying here throughout the Winter. Oh you’ll be so bored, was what they said, that I would not want to live in a ghost town and I should move back to London.

Yes. This island does turn into a ghost town. A lot of restaurants and shops close down entirely through the months of November to March. Yes. I miss London and everything it has to offer. But am I crazy? No. Absolutely not. I am beyond happy with my decision to stay here. I easily fly home as and when I wish – indirect flights are not expensive and very frequent. I have already been home for a period of ten days and that was enough, and I fly back again in December for a few weeks around Christmas.

So let’s talk about what you can actually do here in the Winter time and how you can really make the most of this beautiful island.

How To Make The Most of a Winter Season in Ibiza zoe newloveHow To Make The Most of a Winter Season in Ibiza zoe newlove


I avoid going to the beach in the height of Summer. Ibiza is well known for it’s beautiful beaches so not surprisingly, they become absolutely jam packed and for me that is not an enjoyable experience. Okay sure, it might not be scorching hot this time of year, but you can head down with your friends for a beach picnic, or just go by yourself with a book and enjoy the emptiness.

Hikes and Long Walks.

If you follow me on Instagram >> zoenewlove << then you might have seen that I enjoy going on hikes and long walks around the island. There are so many places to explore, every day I am here I cannot get over the beauty that fills this place. It is bursting with gorgeous views and scenery. This time of year is great to see the sunrise, definitely something worth waking up early for. There is a place called Sa Talaia, the highest point of the island, where you can see across to both sides and get the true island feeling as you see yourself surrounded entirely by water. Want to know why you should be spending more time in nature? Read this post here.


THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN. Take a 35 minute boat ride across from Eivissa and visit one of the most stunning islands. Formentera is by far one of my favourite things about Ibiza. It is a small island just across from Ibiza and the water here is crystal clear. You feel like you have discovered a small slice of the Maldives. Here you can hire bikes and cycle all around the island. Trust me, this place will steal your heart.

How To Make The Most of a Winter Season in Ibiza zoe newlove

Ibiza Town

For a bit more hustle and bustle,  head to Ibiza town where all the restaurants, shops and bars stay open all year round. There are so many amazing tapas and seafood restaurants, as well as some great Italian restaurants too. You are spoilt for choice. There are some great shops to keep you occupied if you need a retail fix. A visit Dalt Villa is a must, and the Old Town. The old castle walls are incredible and when you walk to the very top you can see all across Ibiza town and the marina.

Wine Tasting

I don’t really drink a lot but I do enjoy a good glass of wine. Somm Ibiza is a beautiful wine shop in Santa Gertrudis, and they offer an amazing selection of wines, most of which are organic. They are open through the Winter offering different wine tastings each week. You can keep up to date by checking out their Facebook page.

Peace and Quiet

What I like the most is simply walking to my local shops and there being literally no one around. Having had such a full on, hectic Summer, it is so refreshing to be able to enjoy my own company and just appreciate the peacefulness. Walking along the beach front and seeing maybe one or two people is just amazing to me. It allows me to really focus on what I want and there are not many times in your life where you can do that.

Sunday Roasts

I had to throw this one in here. I may not eat meat, but my god, I love a Sunday Roast. Give me all the nut roasts and yorkshire pudding. It is a great excuse to get together with all your friends of a weekend, good food and good company.

Barcelona and Palma 

Ibiza is so close to two amazing cities. Jump on a short 30 minute flight and you could be in Barcelona or Palma, in no time at all. I am heading to Barcelona next weekend for two nights and I cannot wait. It is one of my favourite places and I feel so lucky to have it on my door step. Never been to Barcelona before? Read about my last experience here.

What are your Winter holiday plans? Would you ever think of exploring Ibiza in December?