5 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time in Nature.

The blogging world is at times a pretty self absorbed community. I am not the first one to point this out, in fact, it is some what of a hot topic right now. From Instagram algorithms, bots & fake engagement. This post here puts it into perspective. Read it. We are as a society, not just in the realms of influencers, we are all obsessed with social media, creating perfect themed content and racing to achieve success from numbers. But, what are we sacrificing en route to the top? And, where does it end?

We happen to be the last generation that remembers what life was before the world of social media. The last generation that remembers a time before comparison in likes and comments. Think about that for a second, let it sink in.

I’m not your typical blogger. I actually at times become riddled with guilt that I even state that this, blogging, is something I do. I am very aware I pick this blog up as and when I feel like it, so some of you may feel like I have no right to comment – just wait and hear me out. This post I just had to get off my chest, and it came to me whilst I was out hiking with my friends here in Ibiza…

When was the last time you spent real quality time away from your laptop, phone, other electronic devices? When did you last go for a run – just for fun, not because of routine. Can you remember the last time you lay down in the grass or the sand? Completely switching off – and not beating yourself up about taking some time out afterward?

I appreciate not everyone has the luxury of living somewhere that is so close to nature, especially those of you who work in the city. But, I write this post today to share my thoughts on just how important it is, not just for you, but all of us >>

To. Get. Outdoors <<

Mental Health

There have been numerous studies that show spending more time in nature is better for your health, especially your mental health. Scientific studies aside, I know what makes me feel good and I always feel so much better when I surround myself in nature. Just simple things such as walking along the grass barefooted, sitting in a woodland enjoying the peace, and listening to the sound of the sea. These are all great ways to enhance your mood. Whenever I feel upset or low I take myself for a walk outside, just breathing in fresh air in an open space can instantly calm you down. Imagine the difference it would make to your overall stress levels and mental health if you made a commitment to spending more time outside?



A lot of us focus on happiness coming from materialistic and narcissistic places. New clothes and new followers, yes they can give you happiness, but that in my opinion is not true happiness. It is just temporary. A void filler. Surrounding yourself with real human beings, interacting away from tweets and emails, that is where real love comes from. Get a group of your friends and family together and arrange to go on a picnic outdoors. Organise a work cycle ride. Go camping with the kids for the weekend instead of checking your notifications. The impact being outside has on true happiness and the power it has to keep you fulfilled is truly incredible. Even if you choose to go by yourself, nature is the best place to practice self love.


Get your daily dose of Vitamin D. I know that may be hard when the weather is poo pants, but it is super important to spend time outdoors. I am really lucky to live somewhere where the sun is nearly always shining, but if this is not the case for you, when those clouds do break, force yourself outside. Got a lunch or coffee break? All you need is 15-20 minutes, go for a stroll outside.



Spiritual Well Being

I believe a lot of us live in what I like to call zombie mode. We do not live to our maximum potential and the blame culture makes this difficult to escape. When I hit a real low in life, I turned to reading spiritual and self help books. I rarely talk about my spiritual beliefs here on this blog, but as it becomes more and more a part of my lifestyle, it is something I plan to discuss more in depth. For now, let’s discuss meditation. Breathing and calming the mind are so important and sometimes even in an environment that feels safe and comfortable to you, it can be hard to relax. Give yourself some real head space and step outside. Listening to birds, the sound of the waves, and even the rain falling. The sounds of nature can really help you whilst meditating and give you a strong feeling of calm and serenity.

Feel Inspired

I feel I am quite a creative soul. I love reading, drawing and painting more than anything. Yet, like with blogging, we can all hit a wall and just feel like we have nothing else to share with the world. It is normal to have blocks. One thing that helps is clearing your head and stepping outside of your normal routine. Switching things up automatically gives your brain and mind a boost, drawing in inspiration to get you back on track again. When I went for a hike I just could not stop looking at all the colours around me and could not wait to get home to order some new paints. Crazy isn’t it? What a few rocks and some leaves can do to your mind.


Some final thoughts.

We are all connected. We are all one.

It is why we have this desperate need to feel connected and cannot let go of our mobile phones and steer away from social media.

FOR THIS REASON, more than ever, it is why we need to live more in the presence of now. Put down our iPhones and give ourselves a much needed break from technology. Hold hands with your loved ones and just breathe. Let’s get some balance back.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this topic, tweet me @zonewlove and let’s get a conversation going.