Why You Should Grab The Opportunity To Work Abroad.

This has been my second year working in Ibiza and I have loved every minute of it. Working abroad may seem daunting and for some an unrealistic option, but if the opportunity comes your way, I urge you to grab the chance with both hands, arms wide open. It truly has been the best decision I made, for multiple reasons, but ultimately because I have grown so much as a person, and I’m finally being my true self. I want to share with you all the reasons why I personally believe working abroad is the best thing ever.

Learning a New Language.

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious, but honestly so important. Those of us that speak English as our first language, are so very fortunate, because wherever we go, someone will understand us. The area of Ibiza I live in, every single person I meet can speak English. Yet, when someone speaks to me in Spanish, I stumble and get nervous. I felt so very rude not being able to communicate in the language of the land that I choose to make my home, and therefore I started taking lessons. I have made many a friend here that are able to speak even five different languages, fluently. Had I not moved here, I would never really have felt the need or passion to study a new language, and this is a skill that you will have forever.

New Environment.

I am the first one to admit I miss Marks and Spencer, Boots, Topshop and H&M Home, albeit to name just a few home comforts. Nevertheless, I have all that I really need right here – with the help of online shopping. Each and every day I wake up and head to work, I am right on the sea front. My favourite thing in the world is to be close to the sea. I sometimes wake up a little earlier, just to sit on the sand, my toes in the water and contemplate over the things I am grateful for. Wherever your new environment be, if you are from the countryside and move to the hustle and bustle of a big city, take in your surroundings and appreciate the elements about your new home, the ones that are shaping you into someone new.


I have always been an independent person, I like to do things for myself, this is something really important to me. However, with true independence comes the lesson of being happy by yourself. This Summer, I chose to live alone and for the first time in a long, long time have enjoyed spending time with myself. This is something I am still working on and I have a long way to go. Moving abroad, away from your friends and family, away from your safety blanket, can work in your favour. When starting a new job abroad, settling in and making friends can seem quite daunting, but at the root of it all, you are pushing yourself to be a stronger person. I won’t get all Beyonce on you, but being a strong, independent woman (or man) is something to be extremely proud of.

New Friendships

I have made incredible friends over the past two years. Where I work, it feels like we are one big family. Ibiza is a tiny island and you soon realise how connected everyone is, so making friends here has been really easy. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. I have fallen in lust and in love here, met some inspirational souls, both young and old, and without these people I may not be the person I am today. I have met people from all over the world, from all kinds of different backgrounds and cultures, all with different goals and experiences.

Save Money

When you work abroad, you tend to pack your belongings into two suitcases and that will be that. To get there, you already had to let go of materialistic things and pack just what you need. A switch is flicked and whether you realise it or not, when you move to a new place the money you earn you want to spend on experiences not things. I save so much money by living here. Maybe it is down to living away from all my faovurite shops, but either way saving money is a good thing.

Discover Yourself

Of course I had to end this on a cliche. Moving and working somewhere new forces you to learn exactly what it is you do and don’t like. I know so much more about myself than I did two years ago. I have good days and bad days. I handle certain situations a lot differently to how I would have perhaps before working abroad. There are some elements of myself I actually learnt I do not like, and I have been able to focus on improving myself. Putting yourself through a big change allows you to evolve and grow into the best version of you.


So what are you waiting for?